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Posted on 08-11-2016

Riding The Waves Of GA

This week’s GA agenda started last Friday as we rode the WAVE at Life West College of Chiropractic's 6th year of bringing inspiration and a fresh approach on the philosophy, art, science, and future of chiropractic. 

We were generously provided a booth with the exhibitors to talk to doctors, students and vendors about CCA.  Our President, Dr. Leslie Hewitt, Immediate Past President Dr. Brian Stenzler, and our Membership Committee Chair, and two-time doctor of the year, Dr. Danny Gambino attended on behalf of CCA.

As you can see from the photos, we had a great booth location and set up. I was accompanied by our effervescent Marketing and Membership Coordinator Kayleigh Carey. Huge thanks to Kayleigh for clocking 12 hour days educating and engaging with the multitude of attendees.  We ran our newly minted membership video, courtesy of our friends at KFB Public Affairs, on a continuous loop to rave reviews.

As always, I’d like to thank the President of Life West, Brian Kelly, for his generosity, graciousness, and leadership.

Naturally, with three CCA board members in attendance we exploited the opportunity to network with a plethora of personalities.  For example, we broke bread with Dr. Tom Klapp, former President of the Michigan Association Chiropractors, Chairman of the Board for the Michigan Association of Chiropractors and he was also the President of the Congress Of Chiropractic State Associations.

I also had an opportunity to expand my wardrobe of rugby gear in support of Life West’s now legendary rugby team, the Gladiators. Go Gladiators! The women’s rugby team also deserves our support and I look forward to stocking up on their gear as well.

Another exciting thing happened - Life West Student CCA President, Tyler Meier, was honored with CCA's esteemed Endowment For Student Excellence award. CCA President Dr. Leslie Hewitt was thrilled to present the check to Tyler.  And as you can see from the pic, Tyler received a HUGE check. We thank you for your service and are looking forward to your future success Tyler!

You may be wondering what working long hours at a CCA booth at an event like the WAVE has to do with Governmental Affairs.  First, I seldom pass up opportunities to get to know and learn from the wonderful people who make up our chiropractic community.  The knowledge I glean from these encounters prove priceless when I lobby at the Capitol because it provides me what I need to put a face to chiropractic.  It affords the capacity to humanize our agenda. 

Get Ready…Student CCA ChiroCon - January 24, 2017!

If you can touch the heart of a legislator you open their mind.  If you open a mind, truth resonates.  We always have truth on our side...

This tenet is a driving factor for our new effort to create a student only lobby day next year.  After much consultation with our student leadership at our colleges and their presidents, we’ve identified January 24, 2017 for our inaugural Student CCA ChiroCon!

Our students will be focusing on sharing with legislators and staff their story about why they decided to become a chiropractor.  They will share their experiences at the colleges and educate legislators and staff about the rigor, breadth, and scope of their education and training.  They will be provided collateral material to leave behind on our policy issues, but the goal is to touch a heart.  Legislators love hearing from and talking to young people. 

Student CCA ChiroCon will lay a critical foundation for our Legislative Conference March 7, 2017. When our doctors roll into the Capitol to lobby our issues they will be engaging with decision makers predisposed to like us, and already educated on chiropractic on a personal level. 

Student CCA ChiroCon will be free to student members and will include beverages, food, and a piece of distinctive clothing apparel that will establish a branding that when seen, all will know the student doctors of chiropractic are in the legislature.  We’re currently working with some potential sponsors of the event to defray the cost to CCA, so if you know of anyone who’d like to be on all our marketing efforts for the next five months, please send them my way.

KFB Generating Current

KFB Public Affairs has continued its blistering pace getting chiropractic positive media exposure..  We call this earned media as opposed to paid media.  Look for an article called 5 Tips for a Healthy Spine, authored by Dr. David Benevento, in Style magazine in October, tied to Chiropractic Health Awareness Month. 

In addition, they’ve secured a live television appearance for Dr. John Roza on a Good Day Sacramento segment Saturday, August 13th in the 9:00 AM hour.  Dr. Roza will be talking about children going back to school with heavy backpacks, knowing what’s too heavy, what’s a good fit and other matters relevant to ensure a healthy spine in young people. An article featuring Dr. Roza discussing student backpacks was also featured in the Sacramento Bee publication Folsom Connect. Click here to read the article.  These are just a couple of major media coups for chiropractic!

As busy as KFB has been, they have also crafted a fabulous new membership video. Check it out and be sure to share!

KFB is also putting together a paid media plan for 2017. We’re very excited about taking our messages to billboards, radio, social media etc. in 2017.  We’ll have a few tiers to choose from based on cost, but I am confident when our members and non-members see the plan, we’ll have no trouble raising whatever funds we need!

CCA-PAC Donations Rise and Big Thank You To Dr. David Hoewisch

I’m confident because when chiropractors see what their contributions can deliver they are very motivated to help that delivery take place.  For example, I’ve been keeping everyone updated on our PAC activities this election cycle and why this election is so critical to chiropractic.  I’ve been showing the mail pieces we put out in the primary through Independent Expenditure Committee all over the state. As a result, PAC donations are on the rise! 

I’d like to personally thank Dr. David Hoewisch and his wife Kay, for their $600 donation to the PAC.  Dr. Hoewisch is a Distinguished Life member, former District Officer, and one of our longtime former star Key Doctors. Dr. Hoewisch also religiously attends our annual Legislative Conferences and has proven to be an articulate, powerful voice for chiropractic.

Soon we will be rolling out our online PAC fundraising platform to make it ridiculously easy for doctors, friends, family, and patients to contribute any size donation.  We are maximizing our resources for optimal gains!

Election 2016

Ever wonder how candidate relationships are established and how CCA goes about recommending candidates to endorse? Case in point: Senate District 11 which has two candidates competing for that seat: Jane Kim and Scott Wiener.

Earlier this week Monica Miller and I were interviewing Jane Kim, candidate for the Senate District 11.  Originally, Monica and I didn’t’ think we would recommend one candidate over in SD 11 since it is a very close race between candidates with very similar positions.  However, we learned during our conversation with Ms. Kim that her mother is a practicing acupuncturist and as a result has always viewed chiropractic as “main-stream” health care.  Further, through her mother’s experiences as a small business owner practicing non-allopathic health care, Kim  was very familiar with our challenges with insurers and third party administrators.  This is why we invest the time to talk to so many candidates.  Naturally, we’ll be recommending an endorsement now. 

Keep in mind that this is just the beginning in securing an official endorsement. Monica and I can only recommend endorsements. It is our local CCA district leaders that officially endorse a candidate. I will be reaching out to the CCA district in which SD 11 is primarily located. So, if you are a constituent of SD 11 - stay tuned!

After the interview with Ms. Kim, I ran into our good friend Anthony Portantino, who is a CCA endorsed candidate for Senate District 25. Portantino introduced me to another candidate he was chatting with and asked if we were supporting him.  Unfortunately, because of our Independent Expenditure Committee (IE) activities, we can’t legally discuss such things in the presence of the candidate, so I had to defer with “No comment.”  However, that no comment said volumes as it announced we are going to be very active in the IE arena, thus crafting the image that CCA is an important political player.

SB 277 Legal Challenge Update

As many of you know, SB 277 has been legally challenged. The legal team involved is very confident in their legal arguments, and the judge assigned to the case has thus far proven to be fair and open minded. The case was filed in federal court in San Diego. The first hearing is on August 12 and we will learn if an injunction preventing implementation of the law will be issued. If not, the case still proceeds as planned. Stay tuned next week for a full recap of the proceedings on this challenge.

And that’s all the news that’s fit to print, and some that probably isn’t…for now.

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Rodney Cummings D.C. said:

Nice page. Great job Chris. Keep it up.

2016-08-12 14:33:36

David Hoewisch, DC said:

I just finished reading Elizabeth Warren's book, A Fighting Chance. Her book chronicles her rise from the plains of Oklahoma to Massachusetts Senator. She goes into great detail about how she lobbied to get consumer right's legislation passed in the U.S. congress. The steps that she took are (were) exactly the same steps that our CCA has had us follow on LegCon days. Either she learned how to do it from us, or the protocol has been the correct formula all along. Kudos to CCA. On another note, who's paying for the anti SB277 lawsuit? And who initiated it: the ICA, the ACA, the attorney himself, concerned citizens? And thanks for the thanks. You're welcome.

2016-08-12 18:52:22

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