Personal Injury Systems for a California Chiropractic Clinic

If you are a California chiropractor, physical therapist, or other medical provider, and you get confused on handling personal injury cases, you are not alone. 

You found the right place, because I built this website to organize some of the best systems and protocols for personal injury marketing, patient intake, personal injury attorney relations, liens, payments, notes, and patient management. 

Why should you start seeing more personal injury patients?

Patients who were involved in a car accident, motorcycle accident, or other kind of injury are in a particularly vulnerable position. They are leaning on you to get them better, but they are also leaning on you for your take in the whole med-legal personal injury arena. 

Our duty to our patients is the first, and most important reason why you want to be well-versed in personal injury cases. They need you. 

The second reason why you want to participate in the PI game is this: It'll make you money. Personal Injury is resession proof. Even when people have lost their jobs, or when inflation is making every day needs more expensive, PI can pay you without any out of pocket expenses for your patients. 

And, PI cases through an attorney's lien or even better, MedPay, pays your full fee. If your office's fee schedule is $100 for a particular service, you might get $85 from your patient's direct payment with a "prompt pay" discount, or your patient's insurance company might discount that fee to $30 if you're in network. 

Personal Injury will pay you your full amount. 
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