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Pledged Book by ,

Pledged Book
  • Author : ,
  • Publisher : Hachette Books
  • Release Date : 2011-05-24
  • Category: Education
  • Pages : 384
  • ISBN Code: 1401304052

Summary: 2015 Edition: With a New Preface, Afterword, and Updates. "Alexandra Robbins rips into the secret, sordid underbelly of sororities."--Vanity Fair Updated ten years after it is original publication, Pledged by Alexandra Robbins is as timely today as it was when first published. With salacious breaking news about fraternities and sororities shocking the general public (and members themselves) Pledged exposes what really goes on behind the facades of some of these Greek organizations. Robbins, an investigative journalist, went undercover as a sorority sister; her expose is a breathtaking narrative of tumultuous breakups, fights, drunk driving, stalkers, cover-ups, predation by faculty and staff, theft, rape, and an abundance of drugs and alcohol, and much, much more.

Patent Pledges Book by Jorge L. Contreras,Meredith Jacob

Patent Pledges Book
  • Author : Jorge L. Contreras,Meredith Jacob
  • Publisher : Edward Elgar Publishing
  • Release Date : 2017-03-31
  • Category: ,
  • Pages : 368
  • ISBN Code: 1785362496

Summary: Patent holders are increasingly making voluntary, public commitments to limit the enforcement and other exploitation of their patents. The best-known form of patent pledge is the so-called FRAND commitment, in which a patent holder commits to license patents to manufacturers of standardized products on terms that are “fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory.” Patent pledges have also been appearing in fields well beyond technical standard-setting, including open source software, green technology and the biosciences. This book explores the motivations, legal characteristics and policy goals of these increasingly popular private ordering tools.

The Mask: I Pledge Allegiance to the Mask #1 Book by Christopher Cantwell

The Mask: I Pledge Allegiance to the Mask #1 Book
  • Author : Christopher Cantwell
  • Publisher : Dark Horse Comics (Single Issues)
  • Release Date : 2019-10-16
  • Category: Comics & Graphic Novels
  • Pages : 32
  • ISBN Code:

Summary: Make America Green Again! The best-selling comic series that inspired the blockbuster film returns with gruesome hilarity from the showrunner of AMC's Halt and Catch Fire and Hellboy's Patric Reynolds. Years ago, a weird mask of unknown origin and limitless power was buried in the cement of an apartment building's basement floor. Edge City and its residents have all but forgotten the mysterious green-faced killer known only as ''Big Head.'' But now, decades later, the bizarre Tex Avery-style killings are happening all over again and are on a collision course with a bizarre political campaign where a homicidal maniac wants to ''Make America Green Again''!

Pledged To Protect Box Set Book by Vella Day

Pledged To Protect Box Set Book
  • Author : Vella Day
  • Publisher : Erotic Reads Publishing
  • Release Date : 2021-03-01
  • Category: Fiction
  • Pages : N.A
  • ISBN Code: 1941835627

Summary: For the first time, bestselling author, Vella Day, is offering all 3 books in her Pledged To Protect series at a large discount. If you are a fan of fast paced romantic suspense where you will be kept guessing who is after these women, these stories are for you. Oh, yeah, did I mention the bodyguard is hot with a capital H? These are three standalone books and can be read in any order. Book 1: FROM PANIC TO PASSION The only thing that separates life from death is trust. Book 2: FROM DANGER TO DESIRE Second chances are great until a killer comes between them. Book 3: FROM TERROR TO TEMPTATION Trust or run? The wrong decision will be deadly.

Pledged to the Wolf Book by Elina Emerald

Pledged to the Wolf Book
  • Author : Elina Emerald
  • Publisher : Elina Emerald
  • Release Date : 2021-01-20
  • Category: Fiction
  • Pages : 196
  • ISBN Code: 0648970531

Summary: Dalziel 'the Wolf' Robertson is an enigma with many secrets. Part English and part Scots he is silent, calculating and deadly. The traits one needs to be the Red King's assassin (BOOK 2). Estranged from his mother's side, he abhors all things English and with the exception of his inner circle of brothers and the occasional mistress, he is content to live a reclusive life. That is until he finds himself pledged to an English wallflower with a notorious reputation for being extremely dull. For some reason she intrigues him and threatens his resolve. Among the gentry, Clarissa Harcourt is considered to be a quiet, proper, boring wallflower. Finding herself in impoverished circumstances, she agrees to wed an unknown Scottish Highlander for a year and a day. It will be a marriage of convenience enabling her to maintain her ruse because Clarissa has secrets of her own. Secrets that will place her life and heart, at risk. If you like stories with Rogues, Assassins, Wallflowers, then you'll love this book. Warning: Brawny alpha males ahead and occasional historical inaccuracies. Not suitable for readers under the age of 18. Contains some mature content.

The Pledge Book by Jeffrey Owen Jones,Peter Meyer

The Pledge Book
  • Author : Jeffrey Owen Jones,Peter Meyer
  • Publisher : Macmillan
  • Release Date : 2010-10-12
  • Category: History
  • Pages : 224
  • ISBN Code: 1429980796

Summary: The cultural and political history of the Pledge of Allegiance, how it came to be, what it means to Americans, and why we have battled over it for generations For more than a century, reciting the Pledge of Allegiance has been a central part of the American Experience. And perhaps because of its ubiquity, this simple flag salute has served not only as a unifying ritual but also as a lightning rod for bitter controversy. Congress's 1954 decision to add "under God" to the Pledge has made it the focus of three U.S. Supreme Court cases and at least one other landmark appellate decision. The debate continues today, but along with it exists a widely held admiration and support for this simple affirmation of our shared patriotism. As Jeffrey Owen Jones and Peter Meyer show in their illuminating history, this brief salute to the flag has had an almost magical power to galvanize people's deepest feelings and beliefs about who we are and ought to be as a nation. In that sense, the story of the Pledge of Allegiance is the story of America and the American people.

AARP The Pledge Book by Michael Masterson

AARP The Pledge Book
  • Author : Michael Masterson
  • Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
  • Release Date : 2011-12-19
  • Category: Business & Economics
  • Pages : 214
  • ISBN Code: 1118230353

Summary: AARP Digital Editions offer you practical tips, provensolutions, and expert guidance. Successful people don't sit around waiting for everything to be"100%" right or to be "absolutely sure" they will succeed. Theydon't need absolute assurance, because they realize life doesn'tprovide any. To get what they want out of life, they set specificgoals and put together a formal plan to achieve those goals, onestep at a time. Successful people know that the cost of failure ismodest compared to that of inaction. Failure means they are smarterthe next time. Inaction means there is no next time-there's only alifetime of regret. In The Pledge: Your Master Plan for anAbundant Life, author Michael Masterson reveals how to becomesuccessful-and not just financially, but in every area of life. Thebook Offers simple tips to making immediate changes and toestablishing long-term goals Details strategies on becoming more productive at the officeand defeating depression Explains why simplifying goals into four major ones makes themmuch easier to achieve The Pledge teaches readers how to start and finishprojects they have been dreaming about for years, boost confidence,strengthen skills, build wealth, and enjoy life.

With this Pledge Book by Tamera Alexander

With this Pledge Book
  • Author : Tamera Alexander
  • Publisher : Thomas Nelson
  • Release Date : 2019-01-08
  • Category: Fiction
  • Pages : 448
  • ISBN Code: 0718081846

Summary: From the pages of history and the personal accounts of those who endured the Battle of Franklin, Tamera Alexander weaves real-life love letters into a story of unlikely romance first kindled amid the shadows of the Civil War. “Beautifully-drawn characters and rich history in With This Pledge work seamlessly to demonstrate that Christ’s love and romantic love can triumph even in our darkest moments.” —Lynn Austin, bestselling author Elizabeth “Lizzie” Clouston’s quietly held principles oppose those of the Southern Cause—but when forty thousand soldiers converge on the fields of Franklin, Tennessee, the war demands an answer. The Carnton home where she is governess is converted into a Confederate field hospital, and Lizzie is called upon to assist the military doctor with surgeries that determine life or death. Faced with the unimaginable, she must summon fortitude, even as she fears for the life of Towny, her fiancé and lifelong friend. As a young soldier lies dying in Lizzie’s arms, she vows to relay his final words to his mother, but knows little more than the boy’s first name. That same night, decorated Mississippi sharpshooter Captain Roland Ward Jones extracts a different promise from Lizzie: that she intervene should the surgeon decide to amputate his leg. Lizzie is nothing if not a woman of her word, earning the soldiers’ respect as she tends to the wounded within Carnton’s walls. None is more admiring than Captain Jones, who doesn’t realize she is pledged to another. But as Lizzie’s heart softens toward the Confederate captain, she discovers that his moral ground is at odds with her own. Now torn between love, principles, and promises made, she struggles to be true to her heart while standing for what she knows is right—no matter the cost. From the pages of history and the personal accounts of those who endured the Battle of Franklin, Tamera Alexander weaves the real-life love letters between Captain Roland Ward Jones and Miss Elizabeth Clouston into a story of unlikely romance first kindled amid the shadows of war. “Alexander’s With This Pledge dusts off the archives and breathes life into the Battle of Franklin: believed to be the most brutal battle in the Civil War. Through Tamera Alexander’s indomitable heroine, Lizzie Clouston, who transforms from governess to nurse out of necessity, we find ourselves contemplating our own inner strength should we also be faced with the unthinkable. Tamera Alexander’s With This Pledge is not only historical fiction at its finest, but its most compelling.” —Jolina Petersheim, bestselling author of How the Light Gets In “Tamera Alexander has once again given readers a beautifully written story full of strong characters and tender romance—all while staying true to the actual history of the people and events she describes. From the horrors of war to the hope of blossoming love, Lizzie and Roland’s story will live in my heart for a very long time.” —Anne Mateer, author of Playing by Heart

The Pledge Book by Friedrich Dürrenmatt

The Pledge Book
  • Author : Friedrich Dürrenmatt
  • Publisher : University of Chicago Press
  • Release Date : 2017-02-15
  • Category: Fiction
  • Pages : 176
  • ISBN Code: 022653068X

Summary: Set in a small town in Switzerland, The Pledge centers around the murder of a young girl and the detective who promises the victim’s mother he will find the perpetrator. After deciding the wrong man has been arrested for the crime, the detective lays a trap for the real killer—with all the patience of a master fisherman. But cruel turns of plot conspire to make him pay dearly for his pledge. Here Friedrich Dürrenmatt conveys his brilliant ear for dialogue and a devastating sense of timing and suspense. Joel Agee’s skilled translation effectively captures the various voices in the original, as well as its chilling conclusion. One of Dürrenmatt’s most diabolically imagined and constructed novels, The Pledge was adapted for the screen in 2000 in a film directed by Sean Penn and starring Jack Nicholson.

A Perfect Pledge Book by Rabindranath Maharaj

A Perfect Pledge Book
  • Author : Rabindranath Maharaj
  • Publisher : Vintage Canada
  • Release Date : 2010-04-30
  • Category: Fiction
  • Pages : 528
  • ISBN Code: 0307369978

Summary: A Perfect Pledge is at once a beautifully detailed novel about family life, a lively and abundant portrait of Trinidadian society and an ambitious, universal story of striving and strife. Following four decades of tumult – both national and domestic – this third novel by acclaimed author Rabindranath Maharaj is both deeply perceptive and strikingly unsentimental; it is full of singular characters and memorable, often hilarious dialogue. A Perfect Pledge is a major addition both to Canadian literature and to the literature of the Caribbean. The novel begins with the birth of a child to Narpat and Dulari in the village of Lengua in the late 1950s. Geevan, known universally as Jeeves, is the son that Narpat, an irascible cane farmer, has long wished for to add to his three daughters. But, growing up in his father’s shadow, Jeeves develops into a scrawny, quiet, somewhat sickly boy–not helped by Narpat’s unusual dietary pronouncements, including his insistence that Jeeves eat properly purgative foods. On one level, A Perfect Pledge is a compelling story of the intricacies of family life – of the complex relationships between husband and wife, parents and children – set in a lopsided hut with, when the book begins, no electricity or indoor plumbing. Narpat, the patriarch, is an engrossing character, a self-proclaimed “futurist” with no patience for religious “simi-dimi.” His ideas to improve his family and his village’s lot are sometimes inspired, but sometimes seem crazy; occasionally they fall somewhere in between. The novel follows the family’s progress, from the purchase of a cow named Gangadaye, through the children’s schooling, to Narpat’s almost solitary efforts to build a factory on his land, interspersed with accidents, weddings, conflict and much more besides. Through these events A Perfect Pledge becomes a subtle portrait not only of Narpat but of the forbearance and irritation of his wife Dulari and their daughters’ clashing personalities, often seen through the observant, hungry eyes of the young Jeeves. But A Perfect Pledge takes up other subjects too. As well as the story of a family’s struggles, it is a vivid portrayal of Trinidad over the last four decades – a deprived and sometimes mad place lurching into modernization. Rural life on the island is particularly hard in the 1960s; the infrastructure is ramshackle and always on the cusp of being taken back by nature. But the village of Lengua is a cauldron boiling with village politics, Hollywood movies, neighbourly rivalries, ayurvedic healing and much else. And while it is both panoramic and empathic, A Perfect Pledge is also a deeply pleasurable read: its elegant narrative tone is enriched by the astonishing improvisations of a Trinidadian English infused with Indian, British, American and other influences. Not a page passes without some jaw-dropping turn of phrase, from icy hots to scrapegoats, dreamsanhope to couteyahs. A Perfect Pledge follows its characters through years of growth, challenges, and in Narpat’s case, eventual decline. As he gets older, Narpat stiffens into himself, his plans becoming ever more Quixotic and even dangerous. Jeeves, meanwhile, is trying to step clear of his bad beginnings and become an independent, self-sufficient man, while honouring his family ties (something his sisters conspicuously fail to do). A Perfect Pledge is a funny and moving book that portrays the struggles of an entire society; but the difficult relationship between father and son is ultimately at its heart.

Contemporary Thought on Nineteenth Century Conservatism Book by Angus Hawkins

Contemporary Thought on Nineteenth Century Conservatism Book
  • Author : Angus Hawkins
  • Publisher : Routledge
  • Release Date : 2020-12-09
  • Category: History
  • Pages : 432
  • ISBN Code: 100038716X

Summary: The Conservative party remains the longest-established major political party in modern British history. This collection makes available 19th century documents illuminating aspects of Conservatism through a critical period in the party’s history, from 1830 to 1874. It throws light on Conservative ideas, changing policies, party organisation and popular partisan support, showing how Conservatism evolved and responded to domestic and global change. It explores how certain clusters of ideas and beliefs comprised a Conservative view of political action and purposes, often reinforcing the importance of historic institutions such as the Anglican Church, the monarchy and the constitution. It also looks at the ways in which a broadening electorate required the marshalling of Conservative supporters through greater party organisation, and how the Conservative party became the embodiment and expression of durable popular political sentiment. The collection examines how the Conservative party became a body seeking to deliver progress combined with stability. The documents brought together in this collection give direct voice to how Conservatives of the period perceived and extolled their aspirations, aims, and the values of Conservatism. Introductory essays highlight the main themes and nature of Conservatism in a dynamic age of change and how the Conservative axiom, in an imperfect world of successful adaptation, being essential to effective preservation informed and defined the Conservative party, the views of its leaders, the beliefs of its supporters, and the political outlook they espoused. This fourth volume continues exploring the period 1850-1874.

Court Uncourt | STA Law Firm Book by several - See below for the reference.

Court Uncourt | STA Law Firm Book
  • Author : several - See below for the reference.
  • Publisher : STA Law Firm
  • Release Date : 2018-12-25
  • Category: Law
  • Pages : N.A
  • ISBN Code:

Summary: Centuries ago, money in its purest form had substituted the traditional barter system in an attempt to eliminate discrepancies caused in trade due to the binding necessity of the coincidence of wants. Back then, it did not serve an easy task, to locate that unearthed gem- the buyer, who sold that specific commodity in return for the ideal trade. Ergo, early humans carved giant coin stones in order to project the concept of money and stabilize trade. From there, one can easily trace the evolution of money up a progressive rope of intelligence to the passbooks and ATM cards in our wallets today. However, can these passbooks and ATM cards be considered the peak form of modern currency? Could one truly convince themselves these forms of money will abstain from evolving any further? Well, if that were the case, we would find ourselves accompanied by bags filled with vintage coins and stones whilst making payment at the local store. In order to meet the needs of the modern era, human beings have advanced from carving the value of currency on rocks and stones to the minting of bitcoins on powerful computers not disregarding the fact that bags filled with stones would prove very heavy!"Lawyers in Dubai" "International Law Firm" "Lawyers in Abu Dhabi" "Best Lawyers in Dubai" "Lawyers in RAK"

I Pledge Allegiance Book by Pat Mora,Libby Martinez

I Pledge Allegiance Book
  • Author : Pat Mora,Libby Martinez
  • Publisher : Knopf Books for Young Readers
  • Release Date : 2014-04-22
  • Category: Juvenile Fiction
  • Pages : 40
  • ISBN Code: 0307975568

Summary: Libby's great aunt, Lobo, is from Mexico, but the United States has been her home for many years, and she wants to become a U.S. citizen. At the end of the week, Lobo will say the Pledge of Allegiance at a special ceremony. Libby is also learning the Pledge this week, at school—at the end of the week, she will stand up in front of everyone and lead the class in the Pledge. Libby and Lobo practice together—asking questions and sharing stories and memories—until they both stand tall and proud, with their hands over their hearts.

The Pulpit Commentary, Volume 6 Book by Spence-Jones, Henry

The Pulpit Commentary, Volume 6 Book
  • Author : Spence-Jones, Henry
  • Publisher : Delmarva Publications, Inc.
  • Release Date : 2015-08-14
  • Category: ,
  • Pages : N.A
  • ISBN Code:

Summary: The Pulpit Commentary was first published between 1880 and 1919 and is a highly respected work written by conservative, trustworthy men. Containing over 22,000 pages and 95,000 entries, it is one of the largest and best-selling homiletic commentary sets of all time. It was directed by editors Joseph Exell and Henry Donald Maurice Spence-Jones and utilized more than 100 authors over a 30-year span. When reading this commentary, it is not difficult to see why it has remained a favorite amongst pastors for more than 100 years. There are three key elements which set this apart from its contemporaries, the first being that it gives an exposition, or verse-by-verse, annotation of each verse in the Bible. The second element is that it explores the framework of the text, the homiletics. Finally, it supplies the homilies with multiple model sermons from various authors. Also included is a translation as well as historical and geographical information. The Evangelical Magazine and Missionary Chronicle declared, “This commentary bids fair to take a conspicuous place among the ever-multiplying aids to the study of the Holy Scriptures. It will revive the great work of Lange, and will far exceed the Speaker's Commentary in the bulk and fullness of its material. The peculiarity of the Pulpit Commentary is that it offers special assistance to the preacher: first by giving him a critical and exegetical exposition of the text of Scripture, and then providing him with succinct and helpful directions as to the preachable aspects of the chapter and paragraph already explained." The print edition of this set typically retails for more than $1,000 making the current offered price a very good bargain. Due to its size, it has been broken up into nine separate volumes: Volume 1 Genesis to Joshua Volume 2 Judges to 2 Kings Volume 3 1 Chronicles to Job Volume 4 Psalms to Song of Songs Volume 5 Isaiah to Daniel Volume 6 Hosea to Malachi Volume 7 Matthew to John Volume 8 Act to Philippians Volume 9 Colossians to Revelation The footnotes have been placed in line with the text with each footnote number enclosed in red brackets (i.e.: []) and the text in green. There is also a linked table of contents at the beginning of each volume for ease of navigation. Key Features * Over 22,000 pages with more than 95,000 entries * One of the largest and exhaustive commentary sets of its kind * Contributions from over 100 authors * Expositions—with thorough verse-by-verse commentary of each verse of the Bible * Homiletics—with the framework or overall look of the text * Homilies—four to six sample sermons from various authors * Detailed information on Biblical customs * Historical and geographical information * Translations of key Hebrew and Greek words All 23 Volumes of the printed version are included in these nine volumes. 1. Genesis/Exodus 2. Leviticus/Numbers 3. Deuteronomy/Joshua/Judges 4. Ruth/1&2 Samuel 5. 1&2 Kings 6. 1&2 Chronicles 7. Ezra/Nehemiah/Esther/Job 8. Psalms 9. Proverbs/Ecclesiastes/Song of Solomon 10. Isaiah 11. Jeremiah/Lamentations 12. Ezekiel 13. Daniel/Hosea/Joel 14. Amos - Malachi 15. Matthew 16. Mark/Luke 17. John 18. Acts/Romans 19. 1&2 Corinthians 20. Galatians - Colossians 21. 1&2 Thessalonians - James 22. 1&2 Peter - Revelation