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Soldiers' Pay Book by ,

Soldiers' Pay Book
  • Author : ,
  • Publisher : Wildside Press LLC
  • Release Date : 2021-01-01
  • Category: Fiction
  • Pages : 312
  • ISBN Code: 1479455423

Summary: After the end of World War I, a group of soldiers traveling by train across the United States are on their way home. One is horribly scarred, blind, and almost entirely mute. Moved by his condition, a few civilian fellow travellers decided to see him safely home to Georgia, to a family that believes him dead—and a fiancée who grew tired of waiting. This is William Faulkner's first novel, a powerful tale of lives blighted by war.

All for the King's Shilling Book by Edward J. Coss

All for the King's Shilling Book
  • Author : Edward J. Coss
  • Publisher : University of Oklahoma Press
  • Release Date : 2013-11-11
  • Category: History
  • Pages : 392
  • ISBN Code: 0806146168

Summary: The British troops who fought so successfully under the Duke of Wellington during his Peninsular Campaign against Napoleon have long been branded by the duke’s own words—“scum of the earth”—and assumed to have been society’s ne’er-do-wells or criminals who enlisted to escape justice. Now Edward J. Coss shows to the contrary that most of these redcoats were respectable laborers and tradesmen and that it was mainly their working-class status that prompted the duke’s derision. Driven into the army by unemployment in the wake of Britain’s industrial revolution, they confronted wartime hardship with ethical values and became formidable soldiers in the bargain These men depended on the king’s shilling for survival, yet pay was erratic and provisions were scant. Fed worse even than sixteenth-century Spanish galley slaves, they often marched for days without adequate food; and if during the campaign they did steal from Portuguese and Spanish civilians, the theft was attributable not to any criminal leanings but to hunger and the paltry rations provided by the army. Coss draws on a comprehensive database on British soldiers as well as first-person accounts of Peninsular War participants to offer a better understanding of their backgrounds and daily lives. He describes how these neglected and abused soldiers came to rely increasingly on the emotional and physical support of comrades and developed their own moral and behavioral code. Their cohesiveness, Coss argues, was a major factor in their legendary triumphs over Napoleon’s battle-hardened troops. The first work to closely examine the social composition of Wellington’s rank and file through the lens of military psychology, All for the King’s Shilling transcends the Napoleonic battlefield to help explain the motivation and behavior of all soldiers under the stress of combat.

Rights of Man Book by Thomas Paine

Rights of Man Book
  • Author : Thomas Paine
  • Publisher : Penguin UK
  • Release Date : 1984-05-31
  • Category: Political Science
  • Pages : 288
  • ISBN Code: 0141934883

Summary: One of the great classics on democracy, Rights of Man was published in England in 1791 as a vindication of the French Revolution and a critique of the British system of government. In direct, forceful prose, Paine defends popular rights, national independence, revolutionary war, and economic growth - all considered dangerous and even seditious issues. In his introduction Eric Foner presents an overview of Paine's career as political theorist and pamphleteer, and supplies essential background material to Rights of Man. He discusses how Paine created a language of modern politics that brought important issues to the common man and the working classes and assesses the debt owed to Paine by the American and British radical traditions.

The Penguin Book of First World War Poetry Book by Matthew George Walter

The Penguin Book of First World War Poetry Book
  • Author : Matthew George Walter
  • Publisher : Penguin UK
  • Release Date : 2006-10-26
  • Category: Poetry
  • Pages : 448
  • ISBN Code: 0141922885

Summary: This anthology reflects the diversity of voices it contains: the poems are arranged thematically and the themes reflect the different experiences of war not just for the soldiers but for those left behind. This is what makes this volume more accessible and satisfying than others. In addition to the established canon there are poems rarely anthologised and a selection of soldiers' songs to reflect the voices of the soldiers themselves.

Army Officer's Guide Book by Keith E. Bonn

Army Officer's Guide Book
  • Author : Keith E. Bonn
  • Publisher : Stackpole Books
  • Release Date : 2005-04-07
  • Category: ,
  • Pages : 657
  • ISBN Code: 9780811701464

Summary: To celebrate the 75th in-print anniversary of the Army Officer's Guide, Stackpole Books is offering a deluxe bound, hard cover limited printing of its famous Army Officer's Guide, now in its 50th Edition. Included are a history of this venerable book and excerpts from the 1930 first edition of the Guide and the influence it has had on the United States Army officer corps in World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and today's conflicts.

Soldiers, Citizens and Civilians Book by A. Forrest,K. Hagemann,J. Rendall

Soldiers, Citizens and Civilians Book
  • Author : A. Forrest,K. Hagemann,J. Rendall
  • Publisher : Springer
  • Release Date : 2008-11-27
  • Category: History
  • Pages : 251
  • ISBN Code: 0230583296

Summary: The Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars affected millions of people's lives across Europe and beyond. Yet the extent to which the constant warfare of the period 1792-1815 shaped everyday experience has been little studied. This volume of essays discusses the formative experience of these wars for men and women, as soldiers, citizens and civilians.

Extraordinary Canadians Book by Peter Mansbridge

Extraordinary Canadians Book
  • Author : Peter Mansbridge
  • Publisher : Simon and Schuster
  • Release Date : 2020-11-10
  • Category: Biography & Autobiography
  • Pages : 304
  • ISBN Code: 1982134607

Summary: From Peter Mansbridge, the beloved former anchor of CBC’s The National, and Mark Bulgutch, former CBC producer, comes a collection of first-person stories about remarkable Canadians who embody the values of our great nation—kindness, compassion, courage, and freedom—and inspire us to do the same. In this timely and heartwarming volume of personal stories, Peter Mansbridge and former CBC producer Mark Bulgutch bring together inspiring Canadians from across the country, who in their own way, are making Canada a better place for all. Hear Gitxsan activist Cindy Blackstock describe her childhood in northern British Columbia where she straddled two communities—Indigenous and non-Indigenous—and her subsequent fight for equitable health care for all children as the executive director of the First Nations Child and Family Caring Society. Meet Matt Devlin, the US broadcaster who found a new home in Canada when he got a job with the Toronto Raptors, and read how he helped calm the crowd when a gunman began shooting in Nathan Phillips Square after the team’s NBA championship win. From the young woman living with Crohn’s disease—and proudly modeling her ostomy bag—to the rabbi whose family fled Nazi Germany—and who now gives the benediction on Parliament Hill each Remembrance Day—Extraordinary Canadians celebrates the people who have overcome adversity and broken down barriers to champion the rights and freedoms of everyone who calls Canada home. Featuring voices from all walks of life—advocates, politicians, doctors, veterans, immigrants, business leaders, and more—this collection gets to the heart of what it means to be Canadian. These stories will change the way you see your country and make you fall in love with Canada all over again.

Patriotism by Proxy Book by Colleen Glenney Boggs

Patriotism by Proxy Book
  • Author : Colleen Glenney Boggs
  • Publisher : Oxford University Press
  • Release Date : 2020-08-03
  • Category: Literary Criticism
  • Pages : 240
  • ISBN Code: 0192609041

Summary: At the height of the Civil War in 1863, the Union instated the first-ever federal draft. Patriotism By Proxy develops a new understanding of the connections between American literature and American lives by focusing on this historic moment when the military transformed both. Paired with the Emancipation Proclamation, the 1863 draft inaugurated new relationships between the nation and its citizens. A massive bureaucratic undertaking, it redefined the American people as a population, laying bare social divisions as wealthy draftees hired substitutes to serve in their stead. The draft is the context in which American politics met and also transformed into a new kind of biopolitics, and these substitutes reflect the transformation of how the state governed American life. Censorship and the suspension of habeas corpus prohibited free discussions over the draft's significance, making literary devices and genres the primary means for deliberating over the changing meanings of political representation and citizenship. Assembling an extensive textual and visual archive, Patriotism by Proxy examines the draft as a cultural formation that operated at the nexus of political abstraction and embodied specificity, where the definition of national subjectivity was negotiated in the interstices of what it means to be a citizen-soldier. It brings together novels, poems, letters, and newspaper editorials that show how Americans discussed the draft at a time of censorship, and how the federal draft changed the way that Americans related to the state and to each other.

The Revival of China, Volume 1 Book by MAO Min

The Revival of China, Volume 1 Book
  • Author : MAO Min
  • Publisher : Mao Min
  • Release Date : 2017-12-27
  • Category: History
  • Pages : 536
  • ISBN Code:

Summary: This is Volume 1 of the book entitled "The Revival of China". The full book is about the revival of China in the 20th century and the first decade of the 21st century, and has eight parts. This volume contains the first four parts of the full book, and covers the history of overthrowing the Qing Dynasty and the establishment of Republic of China (Part 1),the establishment of the Red Army in countryside bases (Part 2), the Long March of the Red Army (Part 3) and the war against Japanese invasion (Part 4).

Strength of Conviction Book by Tom Mulcair

Strength of Conviction Book
  • Author : Tom Mulcair
  • Publisher : Dundurn
  • Release Date : 2015-08-01
  • Category: Biography & Autobiography
  • Pages : 200
  • ISBN Code: 1459732979

Summary: Globe & Mail Non-Fiction Bestseller Toronto Star Non-Fiction Bestseller The inside story of Tom Mulcair’s rise from modest, middle-class beginnings to the threshold of power. He has been called the strongest Opposition leader in the television era; he was also known in Québec as the provincial Opposition’s “pit bull.” Here, in his own words, and for the first time, is the inside story of Tom Mulcair’s rise from modest, middle-class beginnings to the threshold of power. Discover the man behind the headlines: who he is, how he thinks, and how he comes by the values that shaped his character. Unwavering in his convictions, he shares behind-the-scenes information on the reasons why he resigned as Québec’s minister of the environment under Charest; his decision to rejoin the New Democratic Party; and what it was like working closely with Jack Layton to help spearhead the “Orange Wave” that swept the NDP into power as the Official Opposition in the 2011 federal election. Alongside this, Mulcair also sheds light on such nation-defining events as past immigration and environmental policies, the Québec Referendum, Native residential schools and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, and the Harper government’s Anti-Terrorism Act. In this book, Mulcair reveals his vision for the country, and his position on the issues that matter most — making Strength of Conviction an essential read for all Canadians with an interest in our nation’s future.

Establishment of the New China Book by MAO Min

Establishment of the New China Book
  • Author : MAO Min
  • Publisher : Mao Min
  • Release Date : 2017-12-23
  • Category: History
  • Pages : 488
  • ISBN Code:

Summary: This is Topic 3 of the Selected Topics from The Revival of China. The full book is about the revival of China in the 20th century and the first decade of the 21st century. This topic is about how the People's Republic of China was established, including the establishment of the Communist Party of China (CPC) in the year of 1921, the establishment of the Red Bases in countryside, the Long Match of the Red Army, the anti-Japanese fights of the 8th Route Army and the New 4th Army led by CPC, the decisive battles in the civil war between Guomindang Party (GMD) and CPC, and the establishment of the People’s Republic of China in the year of 1949.

Shakespeare and the Just War Tradition Book by Paola Pugliatti

Shakespeare and the Just War Tradition Book
  • Author : Paola Pugliatti
  • Publisher : Routledge
  • Release Date : 2016-04-01
  • Category: Literary Criticism
  • Pages : 260
  • ISBN Code: 1317056418

Summary: Brought to light in this study is a connection between the treatment of war in Shakespeare's plays and the issue of the 'just war', which loomed large both in religious and in lay treatises of Shakespeare's time. The book re-reads Shakespeare's representations of war in light of both the changing historical and political contexts in which they were produced and of Shakespeare's possible connection with the culture and ideology of the European just war tradition. But to discuss Shakespeare's representations of war means, for Pugliatti, not simply to examine his work from a literary point of view or to historicize those representations in connection with the discourses (and the practice) of war which were produced in his time; it also means to consider or re-consider present-day debates for or against war and the kind of war ideology which is trying to assert itself in our time in light of the tradition which shaped those discourses and representations and which still substantiates our 'moral' view of war.

The Ottoman Military Organization in Hungary Book by Klára Hegyi

The Ottoman Military Organization in Hungary Book
  • Author : Klára Hegyi
  • Publisher : Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG
  • Release Date : 2020-08-10
  • Category: History
  • Pages : 614
  • ISBN Code: 3112209354

Summary: Studien zur Sprache, Geschichte und Kultur der Turkvölker was founded in 1980 by the Hungarian Turkologist György Hazai. The series deals with all aspects of Turkic language, culture and history, and has a broad temporal and regional scope. It welcomes manuscripts on Central, Northern, Western and Eastern Asia as well as parts of Europe, and allows for a wide time span from the first mention in the 6th century to modernity and present.

Countryside Bases Book by MAO Min

Countryside Bases Book
  • Author : MAO Min
  • Publisher : Mao Min
  • Release Date : 2017-12-25
  • Category: History
  • Pages : 342
  • ISBN Code:

Summary: This is Part 2 of the book entitled "The Revival of China". The full book is about the revival of China in the 20th century and the first decade of the 21st century. This part of the book records how MAO Ze-dong and ZHU De established the Red Bases in countryside.

Fifty Years after Faulkner Book by Jay Watson,Ann J. Abadie

Fifty Years after Faulkner Book
  • Author : Jay Watson,Ann J. Abadie
  • Publisher : Univ. Press of Mississippi
  • Release Date : 2016-02-04
  • Category: Literary Criticism
  • Pages : 336
  • ISBN Code: 1496803973

Summary: These essays examine issues across the wide arc of Faulkner's extraordinary career, from his aesthetic apprenticeship in the visual arts, to late-career engagements with the Cold War, the civil rights movement, and beyond, to the place of death in his artistic vision and the long, varied afterlives he and his writings have enjoyed in literature and popular culture. Contributors deliver stimulating reassessments of Faulkner's first novel, Soldiers' Pay, his final novel, The Reivers, and much of the important work between. Scholars explore how a broad range of elite and lowbrow cultural forms--plantation diaries, phonograph records, pulp magazines--shaped Faulkner's capacious imagination and how his works were translated into such media as film and modern dance. Essays place Faulkner's writings in dialogue with those of such fellow twentieth-century authors as W. E. B. Du Bois, Ernest Hemingway, Richard Hall, and Jayne Anne Phillips; locate his work in relation to African American intellectual currents and Global South artistic traditions; and weigh the rewards as well as the risks of dislodging Faulkner from the canonical position he currently occupies. While Faulkner studies has cultivated an image of the novelist as a neglected genius who toiled in obscurity, a look back fifty years to the final months of the author's life reveals a widely traveled and celebrated artist whose significance was framed in national and international as well as regional terms. Fifty Years after Faulkner bears out that expansive view, reintroducing us to a writer whose work retains its ability to provoke, intrigue, and surprise a variety of readerships.

A Great Sacrifice Book by James G. Mendez

A Great Sacrifice Book
  • Author : James G. Mendez
  • Publisher : Fordham University Press
  • Release Date : 2019-02-05
  • Category: History
  • Pages : 304
  • ISBN Code: 082328252X

Summary: A Great Sacrifice is an in-depth analysis of the effects of the Civil War on northern black families carried out using letters from northern black women—mothers, wives, sisters, and female family friends—addressed to a number of Union military officials. Collectively, the letters give a voice to the black family members left on the northern homefront. Through their explanations and requests, readers obtain a greater apprehension of the struggles African American families faced during the war, and their conditions as the war progressed. The original letters that were received by government agencies, as well as many of the copies of the letters sent in response, are held by the National Archives in Washington, D.C. This study is unique because it examines the effects of the war specifically on northern black families. Most other studies on African Americans during the Civil War focused almost exclusively on the soldiers.

Faulkner and Race Book by Doreen Fowler,Ann J. Abadie

Faulkner and Race Book
  • Author : Doreen Fowler,Ann J. Abadie
  • Publisher : Univ. Press of Mississippi
  • Release Date : 2012-01-19
  • Category: African Americans in literature
  • Pages : 311
  • ISBN Code: 1604738065

Summary: The essays in this volume address William Faulkner and the issue of race. Faulkner resolutely has probed the deeply repressed psychological dimensions of race, asking in novel after novel the perplexing question: what does blackness signify in a predominantly white society? However, Faulkner's public statements on the subject of race have sometimes seemed less than fully enlightened, and some of his black characters, especially in the early fiction, seem to conform to white stereotypical notions of what black men and women are like. These essays, originally presented by Faulkner scholars, black and white, male and female, at the 1986 Faulkner and Yoknapatawpha Conference, the thirteenth in a series of conferences held on the Oxford campus of the University of Mississippi, explore the relationship between Faulkner and race.With essays byEric J. SundquistCraig WernerBlyden JacksonThadious DavisPamela J. RhodesWalter TaylorNoel PolkJames A. SneadPhilip M. WeinsteinLothar HoumlnnighausenFrederick R. KarlHoke PerkinsSergei ChakovskyMichael GrimwoodKarl F. Zender

The US Army and the Texas Frontier Economy Book by Thomas T. Smith

The US Army and the Texas Frontier Economy Book
  • Author : Thomas T. Smith
  • Publisher : Texas A&M University Press
  • Release Date : 1999
  • Category: Business & Economics
  • Pages : 307
  • ISBN Code: 9780890968826

Summary: Seventy million dollars in fifty-five years. From Texas' annexation in 1845 until the turn of the twentieth century, the U.S. Army pumped at least that much or more into the economy of the fledgling state, a fact that directly challenges the popular heritage of Texas as the state with roots of pioneer capitalism and fervent independence. In The U.S. Army and the Texas Frontier Economy, 1845–1900, Thomas T. Smith sheds light on just who bankrolled the evolution of Texas into viable statehood. Smith draws on extensive research gathered from both government archives and Texas army posts in order to evaluate the symbiotic relationship between army quartermasters and the economy of the young state. Texas was the army's largest—and most costly—engagement, absorbing up to thirty percent of the total operating budget and channeling that currency into the commercial development of its frontier. Smith expands on historian Robert Wooster's theory that the military was engaged in an alliance with the political authority in Texas, and using documents such as army contracts for freighting, foraging, and fort leasing, he illustrates how federal fiscal activity spurred commercial growth for the citizens of Texas. Besides the obvious development of towns on the skirts of military bases and of roads between them, the establishment of military spending as a bedrock of the Texas economy and the protector of middle class interests shaped the future of the state's commercial prosperity. Writing with exceptional detail and clarity, Smith traces the emergence of the army's influence and includes analyses of information on army spending and development such as the introduction of army weather and telegraph services to the state, as well as accounts of real estate transactions involving the fort building program. Smith also accounts for army failures, maintaining that no one was truly prepared for the reality of western expansion. As an examination of the complex yet mutually beneficial economic relationship between the nation and the state, The U.S. Army and the Texas Frontier Economy, 1845–1900 is ideal for anyone interested in the early days of the state as well as in U.S. military and frontier history.

Faulkner’s Fables of Creativity Book by Gary Harrington

Faulkner’s Fables of Creativity Book
  • Author : Gary Harrington
  • Publisher : Springer
  • Release Date : 1990-06-18
  • Category: Fiction
  • Pages : 148
  • ISBN Code: 1349108375

Summary: In this study of the five novels set outside the fictional county, Yoknapatawpha, the author devotes a chapter to each novel and develops the theme that these texts present in fictional form Faulkner's reflections on his aesthetic development and on the mutual responsibilities of writer and reader.

The Art of Fielding Book by Chad Harbach

The Art of Fielding Book
  • Author : Chad Harbach
  • Publisher : Little, Brown
  • Release Date : 2011-09-07
  • Category: Fiction
  • Pages : 528
  • ISBN Code: 0316192163

Summary: At Westish College, a small school on the shore of Lake Michigan, baseball star Henry Skrimshander seems destined for big league stardom. But when a routine throw goes disastrously off course, the fates of five people are upended. Henry's fight against self-doubt threatens to ruin his future. College president Guert Affenlight, a longtime bachelor, has fallen unexpectedly and helplessly in love. Owen Dunne, Henry's gay roommate and teammate, becomes caught up in a dangerous affair. Mike Schwartz, the Harpooners' team captain and Henry's best friend, realizes he has guided Henry's career at the expense of his own. And Pella Affenlight, Guert's daughter, returns to Westish after escaping an ill-fated marriage, determined to start a new life. As the season counts down to its climactic final game, these five are forced to confront their deepest hopes, anxieties, and secrets. In the process they forge new bonds, and help one another find their true paths. Written with boundless intelligence and filled with the tenderness of youth, The Art of Fielding is an expansive, warmhearted novel about ambition and its limits, about family and friendship and love, and about commitment--to oneself and to others.