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Recoil Book by ,

Recoil Book
  • Author : ,
  • Publisher : Open Road Media
  • Release Date : 2012-02-14
  • Category: Fiction
  • Pages : 328
  • ISBN Code: 1453237763

Summary: Years after going into hiding, a witness must run from the mob again Fred Mathieson was not an ordinary witness against the mob. He was never in the organization, and didn’t testify against gangster Frank Pastor to save his own skin. Mathieson is a lawyer, and took the stand simply from a desire to do the right thing. His conscience destroyed his life, but he built a new one. Now his long-ago testimony is about to put him and his family back in danger. For nearly nine years, Mathieson has been safe in the Witness Security Program, working as an entertainment attorney in California. But Frank Pastor is a few days away from parole, and he has decided to take revenge. By blackmailing a clerk in witness protection, the mobster finds Mathieson’s new name, so the chase will start again.

Starfist: Force Recon: Recoil Book by David Sherman,Dan Cragg

Starfist: Force Recon: Recoil Book
  • Author : David Sherman,Dan Cragg
  • Publisher : Del Rey
  • Release Date : 2008-11-25
  • Category: Fiction
  • Pages : 368
  • ISBN Code: 0345509536

Summary: Swift, silent, and deadly–they strike where no one else dares. Fear is the fastest-growing crop on Haulover, a newly colonized planet where someone–or something–is destroying isolated farmhouses. The unseen enemy strikes without warning, then disappears, leaving no stone standing, no trace of families or farm animals. When the Confederation receives a desperate plea for help, it’s time to send in the Marines. Impossible missions are a matter of course for Fourth Force Recon’s second platoon squads, and the situation at Haulover–with no witnesses and few clues–is no exception. But this assignment turns out to be even tougher and bloodier than usual because the devastation is a ploy–to lure the nine Marines into a trap, and to force them to bust the Confederation’s terrible secret wide open. And as for the Skinks lying in ambush on Haulover, they have no idea what trouble is . . . until they go up against a few good Marines.

Forward Recoil Spectrometry Book by Y. Serruys,J. Tirira,P. Trocellier

Forward Recoil Spectrometry Book
  • Author : Y. Serruys,J. Tirira,P. Trocellier
  • Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
  • Release Date : 2012-12-06
  • Category: Science
  • Pages : 434
  • ISBN Code: 1461303532

Summary: The practical properties of many materials are dominated by surface and near-surface composition and structure. An understanding of how the surface region affects material properties starts with an understanding of the elemental composition of that region. Since the most common contaminants are light elements (for example, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon, and hydrogen), there is a clear need for an analytic probe that simultaneously and quantitatively records elemental profiles of all light elements. Energy recoil detection using high-energy heavy ions is unique in its ability to provide quantitative profiles of light and medium mass elements. As such this method holds great promise for the study of a variety of problems in a wide range of fields. While energy recoil detection is one of the newest and most promising ion beam analytic techniques, it is also the oldest in terms of when it was first described. Before discussing recent developments in this field, perhaps it is worth reviewing the early days of this century when the first energy recoil detection experiments were reported.

Recoil Book by Mike Ryan

Recoil Book
  • Author : Mike Ryan
  • Publisher : Ryan Publishing
  • Release Date :
  • Category: Fiction
  • Pages : 250
  • ISBN Code:

Summary: Recker’s weary, tired, and ready for a break. Believing that Recker might leave for an extended vacation, and instead of letting Haley fly solo for a while, Jones goes hunting to add another member to the team. He settles on a former CIA agent named Paxton Phillips. They are all hopeful that Phillips will blend into the group as easily as Haley once did. Unfortunately, they are not so lucky. Phillips does not necessarily share the same beliefs as the rest of the team, and he instantly clashes with Vincent’s men. Could this be the last anyone sees of The Silencer? Will he return to guide the new team into a new era? Or, will he ride into the sunset, leaving Jones, Haley, and Phillips to settle into their new dynamic?

Recoil Book by Andy McNab

Recoil Book
  • Author : Andy McNab
  • Publisher : Random House
  • Release Date : 2008-10-22
  • Category: Fiction
  • Pages : 528
  • ISBN Code: 1407039350

Summary: The bestselling Nick Stone thriller from Britain's original SAS hero. Ex-special forces soldier Nick Stone is recuperating in Switzerland. His latest mission cost the life of one of his closest friends. And the woman he went to bed with last night has left without saying goodbye. When she fails to reappear, Stone begins his quest to find her. Once in Africa and in the heart of a very dirty Congo war, it isn't long before the past comes knocking on the door. One bloody twist leads to another and Stone finds himself catapulted into the dark, brutal world he thought he's managed to leave behind. 'Revealing' Daily Telegraph

Recoil Book by Jim Thompson

Recoil Book
  • Author : Jim Thompson
  • Publisher : Mulholland Books
  • Release Date : 2012-07-01
  • Category: Fiction
  • Pages : 208
  • ISBN Code: 031619607X

Summary: Patrick Cosgrove used to think he'd do anything not to be a prisoner of Sandstone State Reformatory. Fifteen years on the inside for a victimless crime, under the care of a warden whose penchant for violence is legendary -- surely nothing could be worse. But when an unbelievably Samaritan act by a psychologist he's never met places Cosgrove in the care of Roland "Doc" Luther, Cosgrove's not so sure he hasn't traded the frying pan for the fire after all. On the one hand, Doc claims that Cosgrove owes him nothing, and seems at times like the most decent man alive. But at other times, Doc's potential for cruelty seems unimaginable. As it turns out, freedom's not as freeing as he thought it would be -- especially when it might end up getting him killed.

Shotgun Honey Presents Volume 4: RECOIL Book by Ron Earl Phillips

Shotgun Honey Presents Volume 4: RECOIL Book
  • Author : Ron Earl Phillips
  • Publisher : Shotgun Honey, an imprint of Down & Out Books
  • Release Date : 2020-05-08
  • Category: Fiction
  • Pages : 284
  • ISBN Code:

Summary: In its fourth installment, Shotgun Honey presents twenty-three tales of crime that will hit so hard that the recoil will be felt long after the stories are done. With new and established authors from around the world, Shotgun Honey Presents Volume 4: RECOIL delivers stories that explore a darker side of remorse, revenge, circumstance, and humanity. • “Tell the Man About Love” by Rusty Barnes • “The Ghost Road” by Susan Benson • “Hotelin’“ by Sarah M. Chen • “The Wrong Affair” by Kristie Claxton • “Victory in the Spring, 1987” by Jen Conley • “Avenues” by Brandon Daily • “Noise” by Barbara DeMarco-Barrett • “After the Bombs” by Hector Duarte Jr. • “Missing Persons Day” by Danny Gardner • “The Art of Negotiation” by Tia Ja’nae • “Dirty Devil Dance” by Carmen Jaramillo • “Beer Run” by Nick Kolakowski • “Turner’s Bar” by JJ Landry • “Johnny Still Goes to Atlantic City” by Bethany Maines • “Jericho” by Tess Makovesky • “Detour” by Alexander Nachaj • “Toothpaste” by David Nemeth • “The Thing I found Along a Dirt Patch Road” by Cindy O’Quinn • “Three Fingers” by Brandon Sears • “Too Many Mullets” by Johnny Shaw • “The Last Mistake” by Kieran Shea • “The Walk Home at Night” by Gigi Vernon • “Kerouac’s Second Scroll” by Patrick Whitehurst

Re-Coil Book by J.T. Nicholas

Re-Coil Book
  • Author : J.T. Nicholas
  • Publisher : Titan Books (US, CA)
  • Release Date : 2020-03-03
  • Category: Fiction
  • Pages : 384
  • ISBN Code: 1789093147

Summary: The Expanse meets Altered Carbon in this breakneck science fiction thriller where immortality is theoretically achievable, yet identity, gender and selfhood are very much in jeopardy... Carter Langston is murdered whilst salvaging a derelict vessel--a major inconvenience as he's downloaded into a brand-new body on the space station where he backed up, several weeks' journey away. But events quickly slip out of control when an assassin breaks into the medbay and tries to finish the job. Death no longer holds sway over a humanity that has spread across the solar system: consciousness can be placed in a new body, or coil, straight after death, giving people the potential for immortality. Yet Carter's backups--supposedly secure--have been damaged, his crew are missing, and everything points back to the derelict that should have been a simple salvage mission. With enemies in hot pursuit, Carter tracks down his last crewmate--re-coiled after death into a body she cannot stand--to delve deeper into a mystery that threatens humanity and identity as they have come to know it.

Advanced Research on Intelligent Systems and Mechanical Engineering Book by Helen Zhang,David Jin,X.J. Zhao

Advanced Research on Intelligent Systems and Mechanical Engineering Book
  • Author : Helen Zhang,David Jin,X.J. Zhao
  • Publisher : Trans Tech Publications Ltd
  • Release Date : 2013-01-11
  • Category: Technology & Engineering
  • Pages : 394
  • ISBN Code: 3038139831

Summary: Volume is indexed by Thomson Reuters CPCI-S (WoS). Selected, peer reviewed papers from the 2012 2nd International Conference on Intelligent Materials and Mechanical Engineering (MEE2012), December 22-23, 2012, Yichang, China. The 84 papers are grouped as follows: Chapter 1: Research and Engineering in the Field of Control and Intelligent Systems; Chapter 2: Materials Science and Processing; Chapter 3: General Mechanical Engineering; Chapter 4: Related Topics.

Nuclear Physics Book by SN Ghoshal

Nuclear Physics Book
  • Author : SN Ghoshal
  • Publisher : S. Chand Publishing
  • Release Date : 2008
  • Category: Science
  • Pages : 1055
  • ISBN Code: 8121904137

Summary: In This edition of the book,only minor changes have been made in some chapters.In the chapter on Nuclear Models(Ch. IX),the discussions on the individual particle model has been shortened to some extent and the relevant reference have been added where the readers can get the details.

The Handbook of Speech Production Book by Melissa A. Redford

The Handbook of Speech Production Book
  • Author : Melissa A. Redford
  • Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
  • Release Date : 2015-04-20
  • Category: Language Arts & Disciplines
  • Pages : 616
  • ISBN Code: 111858421X

Summary: The Handbook of Speech Production is the first reference work to provide an overview of this burgeoning area of study. Twenty-four chapters written by an international team of authors examine issues in speech planning, motor control, the physical aspects of speech production, and external factors that impact speech production. Contributions bring together behavioral, clinical, computational, developmental, and neuropsychological perspectives on speech production to create a rich and truly interdisciplinary resource Offers a novel and timely contribution to the literature and showcases a broad spectrum of research in speech production, methodological advances, and modeling Coverage of planning, motor control, articulatory coordination, the speech mechanism, and the effect of language on production processes

Slavoj Zizek and Dialectical Materialism Book by Agon Hamza,Frank Ruda

Slavoj Zizek and Dialectical Materialism Book
  • Author : Agon Hamza,Frank Ruda
  • Publisher : Springer
  • Release Date : 2016-01-26
  • Category: Philosophy
  • Pages : 197
  • ISBN Code: 1137538619

Summary: This book is the first volume to bring together the most prominent scholars who work on Slavoj i ek's philosophy, examining and interrogating his understanding of dialectical materialism. It deserves to be thoroughly and systematically elaborated because it attempts to propose a new foundation for dialectical materialism.

Shotgunning Book by Bob Brister

Shotgunning Book
  • Author : Bob Brister
  • Publisher : Simon and Schuster
  • Release Date : 2008-11-17
  • Category: Sports & Recreation
  • Pages : 320
  • ISBN Code: 1628732865

Summary: In this sought-after masterpiece, Bob Brister, “one of the most respected firearms authorities” in the world (The New York Times), addresses every problem the shotgunner is likely to face, and offers solutions, based on years of tests and study of data, to ensure that shooters can make every shot count. He details selection of guns, loads, chokes, and more for every situation. Brister is bold enough to present his readers with the science of shotgunning. No other book can make this claim. But Brister never forgets the art that makes shooting a sport. Shotgunning is a veritable encyclopedia of the shotgun for the modern shooter and outdoorsman.

Fantasia of the Unconscious Book by D.H. Lawrence

Fantasia of the Unconscious Book
  • Author : D.H. Lawrence
  • Publisher : Graphic Arts Books
  • Release Date : 2021-05-07
  • Category: Psychology
  • Pages : 156
  • ISBN Code: 1513275542

Summary: After the release of D.H Lawrence’s compelling novel, Sons and Lovers, which details a complicated and borderline abusive relationship between a mother and son, many critics sought issues with the content, accusing Lawrence of writing a shameful and incestuous novel. Amid this criticism, Lawrence was inspired to write Fantasia of the Unconscious, explaining the themes and topics that often find their way into his work while defending himself against the raging criticism of Sons and Lovers. Though Lawrence admits his bias, as well as acknowledging that he is not a scientist nor a scholar, he supports his psychoanalytic claims and raises concerns that had previously been unvoiced. First, Lawrence debunks popular Freudian psychology and Oedipus theories, mainly to defend his novel, Sons and Lovers, which was semi-autobiographical, from the claims that the mother and son depicted in the novel had a sexual relationship. Lawrence continues to analyze social practices and expectations of marriage, raising children, education, and political action. He challenged the very idea of self, which is a cornerstone of Western culture. Furthermore, Lawrence articulates the mental struggles that exists between emotional and intellectual identities, discussing the polarity of each and the cases in which they intersect, causing a turmoil of contradiction. Though he is not trained in the science, D.H Lawrence spent a lifetime writing about human observations that others found too grotesque or taboo to acknowledge, allowing Lawrence to have a certain expertise on such issues. With psychoanalytic theory, Lawrence supports his views, theories, and philosophies that often invited controversy in the literary and social realm. With poem-like prose and abstract ideas, D.H Lawrence proposes theories that surprises and compels readers. Described as being ahead of its time, Fantasia of the Unconscious introduces ideas that can be examined in practice in modern society. With insight on topics of education, marriage, and social norms, Fantasia of the Unconscious is an illuminating guide to D.H Lawrence’s other works. This edition of Fantasia of the Unconscious is now presented in an easy-to-read font and features a new, eye-catching cover design to cater to contemporary readers.

Advances in Chemical Physics Book by Ilya Prigogine,Stuart A. Rice

Advances in Chemical Physics Book
  • Author : Ilya Prigogine,Stuart A. Rice
  • Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
  • Release Date : 2009-09-08
  • Category: Science
  • Pages : 461
  • ISBN Code: 0470143304

Summary: The Advances in Chemical Physics series provides the chemical physics and physical chemistry fields with a forum for critical, authoritative evaluations of advances in every area of the discipline. Filled with cutting-edge research reported in a cohesive manner not found elsewhere in the literature, each volume of the Advances in Chemical Physics series serves as the perfect supplement to any advanced graduate class devoted to the study of chemical physics.

Sovereign of the Seas, 1637 Book by John McKay

Sovereign of the Seas, 1637 Book
  • Author : John McKay
  • Publisher : Seaforth Publishing
  • Release Date : 2020-02-28
  • Category: History
  • Pages : 280
  • ISBN Code: 1526766302

Summary: “McKay’s artful renderings provide a fitting tribute to this amazing vessel and those who participated in her planning and construction.” —Pirates and Privateers Sovereign of the Seas was the most spectacular, extravagant and controversial warship of the early seventeenth century. The ultimate royal prestige project, whose armament was increased by the King’s decree to the unheard-of figure of 100 guns, the ship finally cost the equivalent of ten more conventional warships. A significant proportion of this total was spent on her gilded decoration, which gave the ship a unique combination of firepower and visual impact in battle that led her Dutch opponents to dub her the “Golden Devil.” It is unsurprising that such a high-profile ship should be well-documented, but there are no contemporary plans and much of the visual evidence is contradictory. In this book, John McKay sets out to analyze the data and reconstruct the design and appearance of the ship in a degree of detail never previously attempted. The results are presented as a folio of superbly drafted plans, isometric drawings and colored renderings, covering every aspect of the design from the hull form to the minutiae of sails and rigging. Each section is accompanied by an explanatory text, setting out the rationale for his conclusions, so the book will be of value to historians of the period as well as providing superb reference for any modeler tackling of one of the most popular of all sailing ship subjects. “A magnificent book on a magnificent ship.” —Nautical Research Journal “Very few books of warships contain the level of detail provided here.” —Firetrench

Basic Ideas and Concepts in Nuclear Physics Book by K Heyde

Basic Ideas and Concepts in Nuclear Physics Book
  • Author : K Heyde
  • Publisher : CRC Press
  • Release Date : 2020-12-19
  • Category: Science
  • Pages : 360
  • ISBN Code: 1420054945

Summary: The third edition of a classic book, Basic Ideas and Concepts in Nuclear Physics sets out in a clear and consistent manner the various elements of nuclear physics. Divided into four main parts: the constituents and characteristics of the nucleus; nuclear interactions, including the strong, weak and electromagnetic forces; an introduction to nuclear structure; and recent developments in nuclear structure research, the book delivers a balanced account of both theoretical and experimental nuclear physics for students studying the topic. In addition to the numerous revisions and updates to the previous edition to capture the developments in the subject over the last five years, the book contains a new chapter on the structure and stability of very light nuclei. As with the previous edition the author retains a comprehensive set of problems and the book contains an extensive and well-chosen set of diagrams. He keeps the book up to date with recent experimental and theoretical research, provides mathematical details as and when necessary, and illustrates topics with box features containing examples of recent experimental and theoretical research results.