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Les Racines du ciel de Romain Gary (Fiche de lecture) Book by

Les Racines du ciel de Romain Gary (Fiche de lecture) Book
  • Author :
  • Publisher : Primento
  • Release Date : 2011-01-01
  • Category: Education
  • Pages : 10
  • ISBN Code: 2806220351

Summary: Décryptez Les Racines du ciel de Romain Gary avec l’analyse du ! Que faut-il retenir des Racines du ciel, le roman considéré comme une des premières oeuvres écologiques ? Retrouvez tout ce que vous devez savoir sur cette œuvre dans une fiche de lecture complète et détaillée. Vous trouverez notamment dans cette fiche : • Un résumé complet • Une présentation des personnages principaux tels que Morel, Waïtari, Youssef, Minna et Fields • Une analyse des spécificités de l’œuvre : la symbolique de l'éléphant, une histoire de solitude, les thèmes de la protection et de l'isolement, et la quête d'immortalité Une analyse de référence pour comprendre rapidement le sens de l’œuvre. LE MOT DE L’ÉDITEUR : « Dans cette nouvelle édition de notre analyse des Racines du ciel (2014), avec Natacha Cerf, nous fournissons des pistes pour décoder ce roman dont le thème principal est la protection de la nature. Notre analyse permet de faire rapidement le tour de l’œuvre et d’aller au-delà des clichés. » Stéphanie FELTEN À propos de la collection : Plébiscité tant par les passionnés de littérature que par les lycéens, LePetitLitté est considéré comme une référence en matière d’analyse d’œuvres classiques et contemporaines. Nos analyses, disponibles au format papier et numérique, ont été conçues pour guider les lecteurs à travers la littérature. Nos auteurs combinent théories, citations, anecdotes et commentaires pour vous faire découvrir et redécouvrir les plus grandes œuvres littéraires. LePetitLitté est reconnu d’intérêt pédagogique par le ministère de l’Éducation. Plus d’informations sur

Romain Gary Book by Ralph Schoolcraft

Romain Gary Book
  • Author : Ralph Schoolcraft
  • Publisher : University of Pennsylvania Press
  • Release Date : 2012-05-26
  • Category: Biography & Autobiography
  • Pages : 224
  • ISBN Code: 0812203208

Summary: In this book Ralph Schoolcraft explores the extraordinary career of the modern French author, film director, and diplomat—a romantic and tragic figure whose fictions extended well beyond his books. Born Roman Kacew, he overcame an impoverished boyhood to become a French Resistance hero and win the coveted Goncourt Prize under the pseudonym—and largely invented persona—Romain Gary. Although he published such acclaimed works as The Roots of Heaven and Promise at Dawn, the Gaullist traditions that he defended in the world of French letters fell from favor, and his critical fortunes suffered at the hands of a hostile press. Schoolcraft details Gary's frustrated struggle to evolve as a writer in the eye of a public that now considered him a known quantity. Identifying the daring strategies used by this mysterious character as he undertook an elaborate scheme to reach a new readership, Schoolcraft offers new insight into the dynamics of authorship and fame within the French literary institutions. In the early 1970s Gary made his departure from the conservative literary establishment, publishing works that boasted a quirky, elliptical style under a variety of pseudonymous personae, the most successful of which was that of an Algerian immigrant by the name of Emile Ajar. Moving behind the mask of his new creation, Gary was able to win critical and popular acclaim and a second Goncourt in 1975. But as Schoolcraft suggests, Gary may have "sold his shadow"—that is, lost his authorial persona—by marketing himself too effectively. Going so far as to recruit a cousin to stand in as the public face of this phantom author, Gary kept the secret of his true authorship until his violent death in 1980 from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The press reacted with resentment over the scheme, and he was shunned into the ranks of literary oddities. Schoolcraft draws from archives of the several thousand documents related to Gary housed at the French publishing firms of Gallimard and Mercure de France, as well as the Butler Library at Columbia University. Exploring the depths of a story that has long remained shrouded in mystery, Romain Gary: The Man Who Sold His Shadow is as much a fascinating biographical sketch as it is a thought-provoking reflection on the assumptions made about identities in the public sphere.

The Kites Book by Romain Gary

The Kites Book
  • Author : Romain Gary
  • Publisher : New Directions Publishing
  • Release Date : 2019-09-24
  • Category: Fiction
  • Pages : 320
  • ISBN Code: 0811226557

Summary: Romain Gary’s bittersweet final masterpiece is “epic and empathetic” (BBC) and “one of his best” (The New York Times) The Kites begins with a young boy, Ludo, coming of age on a small farm in Normandy under the care of his eccentric kite-making Uncle Ambrose. Ludo’s life changes the day he meets Lila, a girl from the aristocratic Polish family that owns the estate next door. In a single glance, Ludo falls in love forever; Lila, on the other hand, disappears back into the woods. And so begins Ludo’s adventure of longing, passion, and love for the elusive Lila, who begins to reciprocate his feelings just as Europe descends into World War II. After Germany invades Poland, Lila and her family go missing, and Ludo’s devotion to saving her from the Nazis becomes a journey to save his love, his loved ones, his country, and ultimately himself. Filled with unforgettable characters who fling all they have into the fight to keep their hopes—and themselves—alive, The Kites is Romain Gary’s poetic call for resistance in whatever form it takes. A war hero himself, Gary embraced and fought for humanity in all its nuanced complexities, in the belief that a hero might be anyone who has the courage to love and hope.

Romain Gary Book by David Bellos

Romain Gary Book
  • Author : David Bellos
  • Publisher : Random House
  • Release Date : 2010-11-30
  • Category: Biography & Autobiography
  • Pages : 528
  • ISBN Code: 144640286X

Summary: Airman, war hero, immigrant, law student, diplomat, novelist and celebrity spouse, Romain Gary had several lives thrust upon him by the history of the twentieth century, but he also aspired to lead many more. He wrote more than two dozen books and a score of short stories under several different names in two languages, English and French, neither of which was his mother tongue. Gary had a gift for narrative that endeared him to ordinary readers, but won him little respect among critics far more intellectual than he could ever be. His varied and entertaining writing career tells a different story about the making of modern literary culture from the one we are accustomed to hearing. Born Roman Kacew in Vilna (now Lithuania) in 1914 and raised by only his mother after his father left them, Gary rose to become French Consul General in Los Angeles and the only man ever to win the Goncourt Prize twice. This biography follows the many threads that lead from Gary's wartime adventures and early literary career to his years in Hollywood and his marriage to the actress Jean Seberg. It illuminates his works in all their incarnations, and culminates in the tale of his most brilliant deception: the fabrication of a complex identity for his most successful nom de plume, Émile Ajar. In his new portrait of Gary, David Bellos brings biographical research together with literary and cultural analysis to make sense of the many lives of Romain Gary - a hero fit for our times, as well as his own.

An African Love Story Book by Daphne Sheldrick

An African Love Story Book
  • Author : Daphne Sheldrick
  • Publisher : Penguin UK
  • Release Date : 2012-03-01
  • Category: Biography & Autobiography
  • Pages : 384
  • ISBN Code: 0141966777

Summary: Daphne Sheldrick's best-selling love story of romance, life and elephants, An African Love Story: Love, Life and Elephants is an incredible story from Africa's greatest living conservationist. A typical day for Daphne involves rescuing baby elephants from poachers; finding homes for orphan elephants, all the while campaigning the ever-present threat of poaching for the ivory trade. An African Love Story is the incredible memoir of her life. It tells two stories - one is the extraordinary love story which blossomed when Daphne fell head over heels with Tsavo Game Park and its famous warden, David Sheldrick. The second is the love story of how Daphne and David, who devoted their lives to saving elephant orphans, at first losing every infant under the age of two until Daphne at last managed to devise the first-ever milk formula which would keep them alive. 'Compulsively readable', Mail on Sunday 'An enchanting memoir', Telegraph Daphne Sheldrick has spent her entire life in Kenya. For over 25 years, she and her husband, David, the famous founder of the the giant Tsavo National Park, raised and rehabilitated back into the wild orphans of misfortune from many different wild species. These included elephants, rhinos, buffaloes, zebra, eland, kudu, impala, warthogs and many other smaller animals. In 2006 she was made Dame Commander of the British Empire by the Queen.

Les Racines du temps Book by Annie Degroote

Les Racines du temps Book
  • Author : Annie Degroote
  • Publisher : Calmann-Lévy
  • Release Date : 2011-10-05
  • Category: Fiction
  • Pages : 408
  • ISBN Code: 2702150462

Summary: Fin du XIVe siècle, en Flandre. Sa condition d'exclue n’a pas brisé la joie de vivre de la petite Insbette, enfant recueillie par une famille de paysans. En ces temps troublés, alors que les hommes d’armes surgissent des ténèbres pour semer la désolation, une orpheline est une proie facile. Une bienfaitrice inconnue la sauve du danger. Conduite à Cassel auprès de Yolande de Flandre, Insbette en devient la dame de compagnie et la confidente. Commence alors pour la jeune roturière, aux côtés de cette femme d’État éblouissante, une aventure initiatique qui la mènera, grâce à l’aide d’un vieil astronome érudit et d’un maître verrier passionné par son art, sur la trace de ses mystérieuses origines... Insbette ignore que son secret, traversant les siècles, est appelé à bouleverser une autre destinée que la sienne... Site auteur

Framing Literary Humour Book by Jeanne Mathieu-Lessard

Framing Literary Humour Book
  • Author : Jeanne Mathieu-Lessard
  • Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing USA
  • Release Date : 2020-01-23
  • Category: Literary Criticism
  • Pages : 208
  • ISBN Code: 1501356577

Summary: Contrary to what their oppressive design would lead us to believe, might structures of imprisonment actually incite humour? Starting from the most obvious areas of imprisonment (war camps, prison cells) and moving to the less obvious (masks, bodies), Framing Literary Humour demonstrates how 20th-century humour in theory and in fiction cannot be fully understood without a careful look at its connection with the notion of imprisonment. Understanding imprisonment as a concrete spatial setting or a metaphorical image, Jeanne Mathieu-Lessard analyses selected works of Romain Gary, Giovannino Guareschi, Wyndham Lewis, Vladimir Nabokov and Luigi Pirandello to reconfigure confinement as an essential structural condition for the emergence of humour.

Kay Boyle Book by Kay Boyle

Kay Boyle Book
  • Author : Kay Boyle
  • Publisher : University of Illinois Press
  • Release Date : 2015-06-15
  • Category: Biography & Autobiography
  • Pages : 848
  • ISBN Code: 025209736X

Summary: One of the Lost Generation modernists who gathered in 1920s Paris, Kay Boyle published more than forty books, including fifteen novels, eleven collections of short fiction, eight volumes of poetry, three children's books, and various essays and translations. Yet her achievement can be even better appreciated through her letters to the literary and cultural titans of her time. Kay Boyle shared the first issue of This Quarter with Gertrude Stein and Ernest Hemingway, expressed her struggles with poetry to William Carlos Williams and voiced warm admiration to Katherine Anne Porter, fled WWII France with Max Ernst and Peggy Guggenheim, socialized with the likes of James Joyce, Marcel Duchamp, and Samuel Beckett, and went to jail with Joan Baez. The letters in this first-of-its-kind collection, authorized by Boyle herself, bear witness to a transformative era illuminated by genius and darkened by Nazism and the Red Scare. Yet they also serve as milestones on the journey of a woman who possessed a gift for intense and enduring friendship, a passion for social justice, and an artistic brilliance that earned her inclusion among the celebrated figures in her ever-expanding orbit.

Ancienne Égypte : les Racines du Christianisme Book by Moustafa Gadalla

Ancienne Égypte : les Racines du Christianisme Book
  • Author : Moustafa Gadalla
  • Publisher : Moustafa Gadalla
  • Release Date : 2017-06-29
  • Category:
  • Pages : 127
  • ISBN Code:

Summary: Les racines égyptiennes du christianisme, à la fois historiques et spirituelles. Cette édition traduite en français révèle que les racines du christianisme, aussi bien historiques que spirituelles, se trouvent en Égypte ancienne. Ce livre fait la démonstration que les récits du « Jésus historique » sont basées entièrement sur la vie et la mort du pharaon égyptien Twt/Tout Ankh-Amen et que le « Jésus de la foi » et la doctrine chrétienne sont complètement d’origine égyptienne—comme l’essence des enseignements/du message de même que les jours fériés religieux. Ce livre se compose de deux parties: La première partie démontre que les récits du Jésus historique sont entièrement basés sur la vie et la mort du Pharaon égyptien Twt/Tout- Ankh-Amen. La seconde partie démontre que le Jésus de la Foi et que les principes chrétiens sont tous égyptiens d’origine—comme l’essence des enseignements/du message, de même que les fêtes religieuses. Il y a une indéniable ironie et une indéniable vérité, profonde, dans la prophétie d'Osée: d’Égypte, j’ai appelé mon Fils. Une profonde ironie, en effet.

Juliette Greco Book by Bertrand Dicale

Juliette Greco Book
  • Author : Bertrand Dicale
  • Publisher : JC Lattès
  • Release Date : 2001-10-17
  • Category: Music
  • Pages : 744
  • ISBN Code: 2709631814

Summary: La première grande biographie de Juliette Gréco, artiste et femme légendaire. Tout sur sa vie, sa carrière, son oeuvre. A partir de centaines de témoignages, d'images, de documents inédits. Et d'heures de conversation avec elle... Un monument à la gloire de la chanson française et de sa première dame. Tout sur sa destinée, de l'enfance bourgeoise, de l'arrestation à quinze ans par la Gestapo, de la naissance du Saint-Germain-des-Prés «existentialiste», du choix de ses premières chansons avec Jean-Paul Sartre, aux films produits par Hollywood, au feuilleton Belphégor et aux tournées mondiales... Tout sur sa saga sentimentale tumultueuse, de ses trois mariages à ses liaisons célèbres : Miles Davis, Philippe Lemaire, Sacha Distel, Darryl Zanuck, Michel Piccoli, Gérard Jouannest... Tout sur son oeuvre écrite par les meilleurs auteurs : Queneau, Prévert ou Mauriac à ses débuts, Brel, Ferré, Gainsbourg, Brassens ou Béart ensuite, puis Fanon, Gougaud, Roda-Gil ou Carrière ces dernières années... et Juliette Gréco elle-même pour quelques magnifiques chansons secrètes... Tout sur Juliette Gréco. Journaliste au Figaro, Bertrand Dicale est l'un des meilleurs connaisseurs de la chanson française.

Encyclopedia of French Film Directors Book by Philippe Rège

Encyclopedia of French Film Directors Book
  • Author : Philippe Rège
  • Publisher : Scarecrow Press
  • Release Date : 2009-12-11
  • Category: Performing Arts
  • Pages : 1488
  • ISBN Code: 081086939X

Summary: Cinema has been long associated with France, dating back to 1895, when Louis and Auguste Lumi_re screened their works, the first public viewing of films anywhere. Early silent pioneers Georges MZli_s, Alice Guy BlachZ and others followed in the footsteps of the Lumi_re brothers and the tradition of important filmmaking continued throughout the 20th century and beyond. In Encyclopedia of French Film Directors, Philippe Rège identifies every French director who has made at least one feature film since 1895. From undisputed masters to obscure one-timers, nearly 3,000 directors are cited here, including at least 200 filmmakers not mentioned in similar books published in France. Each director's entry contains a brief biographical summary, including dates and places of birth and death; information on the individual's education and professional training; and other pertinent details, such as real names (when the filmmaker uses a pseudonym). The entries also provide complete filmographies, including credits for feature films, shorts, documentaries, and television work. Some of the most important names in the history of film can be found in this encyclopedia, from masters of the Golden Age_Jean Renoir and RenZ Clair_to French New Wave artists such as Fran_ois Truffaut and Jean-Luc Godard.

Le choc des civilisations dans le roman colonial français du XXe siècle Book by Jean Bernard Evoung Fouda

Le choc des civilisations dans le roman colonial français du XXe siècle Book
  • Author : Jean Bernard Evoung Fouda
  • Publisher : Editions Publibook
  • Release Date : 2016-12-23
  • Category:
  • Pages : 334
  • ISBN Code: 275390409X

Summary: Au-delà de la simple remise en cause des aspects jugés négatifs sur les civilisations occidentales, africaines et asiatiques, cet ouvrage montre l'incompatibilité des réalités issues d'une civilisation précise avec celles des autres civilisations. Tel est le cas de la civilisation occidentale et des civilisations africaines et asiatiques. Beaucoup d'éléments les opposent, notamment les modes de production des biens et leur consommation, les modes de pensée, le rapport au sacré, l'usage des femmes, etc. Ainsi, la volonté du colon à imposer ses valeurs aux autres peuples, à travers la guerre, l'évangélisation, les brimades et autres mauvais traitements qui visaient en réalité la décivilisation et la recivilisation des peuples soumis et piétinés par la force, a montré ses limites et a échoué. Ce qui prouve que toute prétention à l'universalisme, à l'uniformisation du monde s'avère destructrice, voire appauvrissante pour l'humanité. D'où l'idée d'un monde multicivilisationnel et multiculturel où les différents peuples sont appelés à cohabiter sans se combattre, mais en s'influençant mutuellement dans tous les domaines de l'existence.

La Nature - Programme 2015-2016 Book by Véronique Anglard

La Nature - Programme 2015-2016 Book
  • Author : Véronique Anglard
  • Publisher : Dunod
  • Release Date : 2015-07-01
  • Category: Business & Economics
  • Pages : 224
  • ISBN Code: 2100729586

Summary: Cet ouvrage fournit aux candidats aux concours des Grandes Écoles commerciales les outils indispensables à la réussite de l’épreuve de culture générale, conforme au programme 2015-2016. Pour une préparation efficace, ce livre propose aux candidats : Une approche générale du thème et une analyse de ses problématiques en fiches synthétiques. Une méthodologie détaillée des épreuves : problématiser le sujet, argumenter, rédigier Des sujets corrigés pour s’entraîner. L’étudiant disposera également d’outils complémentaires : de nombreux conseils, des fiches de synthèse thématiques et un glossaire en fin d’ouvrage.

Les Cerfs-volants de Romain Gary (Fiche de lecture) Book by lePetitLitté,,Perrine Beaufils

Les Cerfs-volants de Romain Gary (Fiche de lecture) Book
  • Author : lePetitLitté,,Perrine Beaufils
  • Publisher : Primento
  • Release Date : 2013-11-27
  • Category: Education
  • Pages : 10
  • ISBN Code: 2806230349

Summary: Décryptez Les Cerfs-volants de Romain Gary avec l’analyse du ! Que faut-il retenir des Cerfs-volants, l'histoire d'amour, de guerre et de liberté qui a ému le public ? Retrouvez tout ce que vous devez savoir sur cette œuvre dans une fiche de lecture complète et détaillée. Vous trouverez notamment dans cette fiche : • Un résumé complet • Une présentation des personnages principaux tels que Ludo Fleury et Lila Bronski • Une analyse des spécificités de l’œuvre : le thème de la mémoire, les histoires individuelles et l'histoire collective, une passion salvatrice, et le cerf-volant et la "quête du bleu" Une analyse de référence pour comprendre rapidement le sens de l’œuvre. LE MOT DE L’ÉDITEUR : « Dans cette nouvelle édition de notre analyse des Cerfs-volants (2014), avec Perrine Beaufils, nous fournissons des pistes pour décoder le dernier roman de Romain Gary. Notre analyse permet de faire rapidement le tour de l’œuvre et d’aller au-delà des clichés. » Stéphanie FELTEN À propos de la collection : Plébiscité tant par les passionnés de littérature que par les lycéens, LePetitLitté est considéré comme une référence en matière d’analyse d’œuvres classiques et contemporaines. Nos analyses, disponibles au format papier et numérique, ont été conçues pour guider les lecteurs à travers la littérature. Nos auteurs combinent théories, citations, anecdotes et commentaires pour vous faire découvrir et redécouvrir les plus grandes œuvres littéraires. LePetitLitté est reconnu d’intérêt pédagogique par le ministère de l’Éducation. Plus d’informations sur

The Mirror of Socrates Book by Tibor Schatteles

The Mirror of Socrates Book
  • Author : Tibor Schatteles
  • Publisher : Archway Publishing
  • Release Date : 2014-03-31
  • Category: Social Science
  • Pages : N.A
  • ISBN Code: 148080553X

Summary: Offering a testimony to his love of reading and the goal of sharing it with others, author Tibor Schatteles presents a collection of twelve essays that study a wide range of works of literature, including works of Philostratos of Lemnos, Sophocles, Cervantes (Don Quixote), Gogol, Chekhov, Balzac (Gobseck), Hermann Broch, Robert Musil, James Joyce, Franz Kafka, Marcel Proust and Aristotle’s Poetics. In these essays, he presents the simple exercises of a reader reaching out to communicate with other readers, building on notes he made during first readings and gathered following his retirement from the Canadian Federal Civil Service. Taking a cue from Montaigne’s essay on reading books, he asks nothing of his books but “the pleasure of an honest entertainment”—and yet he also seeks to share his ideas with others and engage in discussion and analysis. In The Mirror of Socrates, Schatteles examines the seminal works of literature in scholarly details, sharing his thoughts, ideas, and interpretations of each author’s writing and purpose.

Computational and Corpus-Based Phraseology Book by Ruslan Mitkov

Computational and Corpus-Based Phraseology Book
  • Author : Ruslan Mitkov
  • Publisher : Springer
  • Release Date : 2017-11-03
  • Category: Computers
  • Pages : 463
  • ISBN Code: 3319698052

Summary: This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the International Conference on Computational and Corpus-Based Phraseology, Europhras 2017, held in London, UK, in November 2017. The 31 full papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from numerous submissions and are organized into the following thematic sessions: Phraseology in translation and contrastive studies, Lexicography and terminography, Exploitation of corpora in phraseological studies, Development of corpora for phraseological studies, Phraseology and language learning, Cognitive and cultural aspects of phraseology, Theoretical and descriptive approaches to phraseology, and Computational approaches to phraseology. The chapter 'Frequency Consolidation Among Word N-Grams' is available open access under a CC BY 4.0 license.

The New York Public Library Literature Companion Book by Staff of The New York Public Library

The New York Public Library Literature Companion Book
  • Author : Staff of The New York Public Library
  • Publisher : Simon and Schuster
  • Release Date : 2001-11-06
  • Category: Reference
  • Pages : 784
  • ISBN Code: 1439137218

Summary: Pick up The New York Public Library Literature Companion to check the dates of Marcel Proust's Remembrance of Things Past or to find out how James Joyce's Ulysses changed U.S. obscenity laws, and you may find yourself hours later absorbed in the imaginary worlds of Camelot and The Matrix or sidetracked by the fascinating history of The New Yorker. Designed to satisfy the curious browser as well as the serious researcher, this exciting new resource offers the most up-to-date information on literature available in English from around the world, from the invention of writing to the age of the computer. Interwoven throughout the more than 2,500 succinct and insightful entries on Creators, Works of Literature, and Literary Facts and Resources are the fascinating facts and quirky biographical details that make literature come alive. Readers will discover, for instance, that Walt Whitman was fired from his government job after his personal copy of Leaves of Grass was discovered in his desk by the Secretary of the Interior, who was scandalized by it; that James Baldwin remembered listening to blues singer Bessie Smith ("playing her till I fell asleep") when he was writing his first book; and that a publisher turned down the serialization rights to Gone with the Wind, saying, "Who needs the Civil War now -- who cares?" Looking for information about book burning or how many Nobel laureates have come from Japan? You'll find it here. Trying to remember the name of that movie based on a favorite book? Read the "Variations" section -- you'll be amazed at the pervasive presence of great literature in today's entertainment. From Aristophanes to Allende, from Bergson to Bloom, the biographical entries will inform readers about the men and women who have shaped -- and are shaping -- the literary world. Look into "Works of Literature" to discover the significance of Beowulf, The Fountainhead, Doctor Zhivago, and nearly 1,000 other titles. Check the "Dictionary of Literature" to find out what the critics and theorists are talking about. And if you wish to delve even deeper, "Websites for Literature" and "Literary Factbooks and Handbooks" are just two of the bibliographies that will point readers in the right direction. Unique in scope and design and easy to use, The New York Public Library Literature Companion will be at home on every reader's shelf. Whether you are immersed in Stephen King or King Lear, this book has the insights, facts, and fascinating stories that will enrich your reading forever. With four major research centers and 85 branch libraries, The New York Public Library is internationally recognized as one of the greatest institutions of its kind. Founded in 1895, the library now holds more than 50 million items, including several world-renowned collections of literary manuscripts and rare books. Among the books published from the library in recent years are The New York Public Library Desk Reference (1998); The Hand of the Poet (1997); Letters of Transit: Reflections on Exile, Identity, Language, and Loss (1999); A Secret Location on the Lower East Side: Adventures in Writing, 1960-1980 (1998); and Utopia: The Search for the Ideal Society in the Western World (2000).

Bibliothérapie Book by Tatiana Lenté,Héloïse Goy

Bibliothérapie Book
  • Author : Tatiana Lenté,Héloïse Goy
  • Publisher : Hachette Pratique
  • Release Date : 2019-05-22
  • Category: Self-Help
  • Pages : 310
  • ISBN Code: 2017864668

Summary: Et si les livres avaient de merveilleux pouvoirs magiques pour soigner vos chagrins et vos blessures ? Et si la littérature pouvait vous faire rire, voyager, aimer, pardonner ? Dans ce livre, Héloïse et Tatiana du blog Peanut Booker vous prescrivent: • 500 livres qui font du bien pour guider vos humeurs grâce à des textes inspirants, drôles, apaisants, consolants. • Près de 20 témoignages de personnalités qui ont accepté de partager avec vous les livres qui les ont le plus touchées. Traitement garanti sans effet secondaires! AVEC LES COUPS DE COEUR DE : ISABELLE ADJANI - DOMINIQUE BONA - MICHEL BUSSI - CLAIRE CHAZAL - HÉLÈNE DARROZE - GRÉGOIRE DELACOURT - FRANÇOIS-XAVIER DEMAISON - STEPHANE DE GROODT - CHRISTIAN LACROIX - INÈS DE LA FRESSANGE - ALEXANDRE JARDIN - PATRICE LECONTE - NICOLAS MATHIEU - FRANÇOISE NYSSEN - SARAH OURAHMOUNE - AUDREY PULVAR - CHARLOTTE DE TURCKHEIM - CÉDRIC VILLANI