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Romancing the Stove Book by ,

Romancing the Stove Book
  • Author : ,
  • Publisher : Life of Reiley
  • Release Date : 2012-03-30
  • Category: Cooking
  • Pages : 160
  • ISBN Code: 0984689826

Summary: The sequel to the critically acclaimed Fork Me, Spoon Me, this spicy cookbook is a manual to romance whether it is in the kitchen or the bedroom. Amy Reiley—master of gastronomy and the leading American authority on sensual foods—defines and demystifies aphrodisiac foods, from the scent of red wine as seduction tool to watermelon doubling as a little blue pill. The simple and satisfying recipes include strawberries and cream buttermilk pancakes, fresh corn soup, lobster pasta in champagne sauce, hot chocolate martinis, and chipotle bacon chocolate chip cookies.

Aphrodisiac Book by Kimberly Gallagher

Aphrodisiac Book
  • Author : Kimberly Gallagher
  • Publisher : Hay House, Inc
  • Release Date : 2021-04-06
  • Category: Health & Fitness
  • Pages : 257
  • ISBN Code: 1401960936

Summary: From the co-founder of one of the world's most respected herbal education websites: recipes, rituals, practices, and personal stories to help you live a more sexually fulfilled and vital life. Plants are the great healers of the earth, and their capacity to support healthy sexuality is just as powerful. This beautifully written and illustrated book brings you into a relationship with herbs for sexual fulfillment and empowerment. Drawing on her own knowledge of herbalism and sacred sensuality, along with intimate stories from students who implemented her teachings, Kimberly Gallagher guides you on a personal journey of growth aided by the aphrodisiac properties and sensual uses of healing herbs and flowers such as damiana, cacao, and rose. Kimberly is an author and co-founder of LearningHerbs, a widely respected herbal education website. In Aphrodisiac, you'll find thoughtful, soulful rituals and dozens of recipes for putting the herbs to use, such as Autumn Blush Cordial, Rose Massage Oil, and Cardamom Chocolate Mousse Torte. You'll read user-friendly and well-researched monographs that teach you everything you need to know about every featured herb. And you'll find a wide range of practices for inviting erotic energy flow into your life--including creating an inviting environment, nourishing your body, and simply slowing down so there's time to savor pleasure. When people are sensually alive and sexually fulfilled, they are more confident, creative, and joyful. They are also more likely to share their unique personal gifts with the world. Aphrodisiac is an essential resource for anyone wishing to live a more vibrant life.

Ethnic Aphrodisiac Plants Book by S.K. Sood,S. Rana,T.N. Lakhanpal

Ethnic Aphrodisiac Plants Book
  • Author : S.K. Sood,S. Rana,T.N. Lakhanpal
  • Publisher : Scientific Publishers
  • Release Date : 2005-08-01
  • Category: Science
  • Pages : 190
  • ISBN Code: 9387741613

Summary: Sex' has played a key role in all cultures. Many stories and anecdotes fill the history with incidents of sex and related acts, especially of Kings and Kingmen who received treatments for increasing their vigour and vitality from `Dhanvanthris'. Many plants have been used traditionally for this purpose. Recent upsurge of `Viagra' in media is a well known story. However, the knowledge of aphrodisiac plants is necessary for everyone to lead a healthy and psychologically contented life. From the ancient times, this subject has aroused interest, but, there is hardly any attempt to bring together the widely scattered information available till date, so as to provide baseline data for researchers and students alike. With this sole objective in mind, the present compendium has been prepared with all the earnest efforts to provide information on Botanical names, Synonyms, Family, English, Hindi and Sanskrit names, Distribution, Parts used, Active constituents, Aprhodisiac preparation and Biological activity of over 456 species belonging to 331 genera under 116 families of which, 2 species (2 genera) belong to Fungi, 2 species (1 genus) to Lichens, 6 species (5 genera) to Pteridophytes, 6 species (3 genera) to Gymnosperms and the remaining 456 species (320 genera) to Angiosperms having 360 species among dicotyledons. The original source of information is also given. For ready reference to contents and from the point of view of lay readers, 8 useful appendices and 43 colour photographs have been provided. It is hoped, that, this invaluable compendium with its comprehensive coverage of the subject will provide a distinct baseline for scientists, students and professionals, working in the field of economic botany, ethnobotany and the science of reproductive biology.

APHRODISIAC Book by Terry Hayward

  • Author : Terry Hayward
  • Publisher : Abela Publishing Ltd
  • Release Date : 2014-10-31
  • Category: Nature
  • Pages : 247
  • ISBN Code: 1909302740

Summary: Rhinos are being poached from a Private Game Reserve and Jack Delaney and his team are called in to investigate and put a stop to this blight. There is little time to waste and the non-stop action moves from the offices of the owners of the Big 5 Game Reserves into the bushveld setting of the Game reserve. Crocodile and hippo infested rivers become potential murder weapons as a Game Ranger is kidnapped - and murder, too, rears its ugly head. The mob are ruthless in their attempts to take control of a Private Game Reserve so that they can use it as a staging post for their smuggling and poaching activities. The battle for control comes to a head in the dark of an African night in and amongst the crocodiles and hippos in a river bed.

Orchids as Aphrodisiac, Medicine or Food Book by Eng Soon Teoh

Orchids as Aphrodisiac, Medicine or Food Book
  • Author : Eng Soon Teoh
  • Publisher : Springer
  • Release Date : 2019-07-17
  • Category: Science
  • Pages : 376
  • ISBN Code: 303018255X

Summary: Did you know that Vanilla was formerly served as aphrodisiac by Cassanova and Madam Pompadour, and Elizabeth I loved its flavor? This is the first book that provides a complete worldwide coverage of orchids being employed as aphrodisiacs, medicine or charms and food. Opening with an in-depth historical account of orchids (orchis Greek testicle), the author describes how the Theory of Signatures influenced ancient herbalists to regard terrestrial orchid tubers as aphrodisiacs. Doctors and apothecaries promoted it during the Renaissance. Usage of orchids in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Indian Ayurvedic Medicine; by Tibetan yogins and Amchi healers for longevity pills, tonics and aphrodisiacs; by Africans to prepare 'health promoting' chikanda or as survival food when lost in the Australian bush are some highlights of the book. Early settlers in America and the East Indies often relied on native remedies and employment of orchids for such needs is described. Also covered are the search for medicinal compounds by scientists, attempts to prove the orchid's efficacy by experiment and the worry of conservationists.

The Aphrodisiac Encyclopaedia Book by Mark Douglas Hill

The Aphrodisiac Encyclopaedia Book
  • Author : Mark Douglas Hill
  • Publisher : Random House
  • Release Date : 2012-04-24
  • Category: Cooking
  • Pages : 256
  • ISBN Code: 144811389X

Summary: The perfect gift for Valentine's day - practical, simple and sensuous recipes to unleash the lover in all of us. Mark Douglas Hill has spent a lifetime in pursuit of foods that encourage friskiness and enhance the frisking. In search of the ultimate aphrodisiac dishes, over the years he has researched and refined, trialed and tested ingredients and recipes from all over the world. This compendium of culinary come-ons is the legacy of his unceasing quest. The Aphrodisiac Encyclopaedia is a veritable cornucopia of titillating titbits - from liquorice to lobster, figs to foie gras, and mango to mint. Along with mouth-wateringly tempting recipes, each entry is packed with diverse and diverting fact - historical, literary, biological and psychological - and the aphrodisiac and amorous qualities of each ingredient examined and appraised. This Valentine's, cook up a steamy dinner for the man or woman in your life with The Aphrodisiac Encycopaedia.

Aphrodisiacs Book by Peter V. Taberner

Aphrodisiacs Book
  • Author : Peter V. Taberner
  • Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
  • Release Date : 2012-12-06
  • Category: Science
  • Pages : 278
  • ISBN Code: 146846700X

Summary: The planning and writing of this book has taken rather longer than I had originally intended; what began as a modest literary project for two second-year medical students has expanded over eight years to become a complete book. The subject matter lent itself all too easily to a sen sationalist approach yet, on the other hand, a strictly scientific approach would probably have resulted in a dull dry text of little interest to the general reader. I have therefore attempted to bridge the gap and make the book intelligible and entertaining to the non-special ist, but at the same time ensuring that it is factually correct and adequately researched for the scientist or clinician. I have always been impressed by Sir J .G. Frazer's introduction to his classic book The Golden Bough in which he apologizes for the fact that an article originally intended merely to explain the rules of succession to the priesthood of Diana at Aricia had expanded, over a period of thirty years, to twelve volumes. The present work cannot pretend to such heady levels of academic excellence.

Is Arsenic an Aphrodisiac? Book by William R Cullen

Is Arsenic an Aphrodisiac? Book
  • Author : William R Cullen
  • Publisher : Royal Society of Chemistry
  • Release Date : 2008-04-22
  • Category: Science
  • Pages : 428
  • ISBN Code: 1847558607

Summary: Sex, drugs, rocks, gold, murder, war, mass poisonings, the deaths of Napoleon, Tchaikovsky, Mozart, and others are all linked by one element - arsenic! Arsenic has been around since the beginning of time and the word has become a metaphor for poison with associated shock value. The general public are fearful of any possible exposure to it and yet it holds a certain dark and eerie fascination! The average person has only one idea about arsenic - it is poison - and this reputation has a sound base. Some arsenic compounds are very toxic and have been used with criminal intent from the time of the ancient Romans to the present day. Up until now, there has been no book that covers arsenic with such breadth. This book is a general appreciation of how much the element, arsenic, has become part of our lives in an entertaining style covering the years 1000 BC to the present day. The coverage of the chemistry, toxicology, and medicinal aspects is deliberately kept at a level for the general reader to understand. It covers the way in which this ubiquitous element and its compounds have influenced the lives of the people of the world. The author's objective in writing this book was not to elaborate on the vast chemistry of the element, but to try to reveal to the general reader how the element and its compounds have become embedded in our social fabric, for good and for ill. No other element comes close in this regard and he uses the word sociochemistry to describe this interface between society and chemistry. The book covers a broad range of topics including the use of arsenic in human medicine in many cultures from Chinese medicine to the beginning of chemotherapy. This peaked in the western world in the early 20th century, with Ehrlich's discovery of salvarsan, an arsenic-based cure for syphilis that gave rise to the field of chemotherapy. Salvarsan and related compounds were eventually displaced by antibiotics such as penicillin. Arsenic trioxide has staged a comeback, however, and is being used as a successful treatment for a form of leukemia. Other chapters cover arsenic compounds which were widely used in agriculture and wood preservation during the 20th century and their associated myths as well as arsenic compounds as chemical warfare agents and the resulting stockpile. The topic of arsenic in the environment is discussed in depth - arsenic is all around us - in our soil, our water, and our food, and our bodies have adapted to its presence and it does not usually pose a problem. However, the natural presence of high concentrations of arsenic in drinking water currently threatens the lives of millions of people in India, Bangladesh, Mexico and elsewhere. It also covers mining and pesticide manufacturing which can lead to high local arsenic concentrations in soils, slag heaps and mine tailings which, when located close to human activities, can produce human health risks. Other chapters cover a variety of topics including: " A proposed connection between arsenic and Cot Death (SIDS) which caused panic " The high concentration of arsenic in kelp products-is this harmful? " What about the 237,000 tonnes of arsenic trioxide stored in a mine in Canada? " How toxic is arsenic anyway, and how do you assess the risks of exposure? " How did Napoleon die? These and many other topics are addressed at a level that will result in understanding without delving into too much technical detail or requiring a degree in chemistry. Essential reading for everyone with a general interest in science, this illuminating text covers a broad range of topics.

Natural Aphrodisiacs Book by Ravi K. Puri Ph.D.,Raman Puri MD.

Natural Aphrodisiacs Book
  • Author : Ravi K. Puri Ph.D.,Raman Puri MD.
  • Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
  • Release Date : 2011-12-05
  • Category: Science
  • Pages : 342
  • ISBN Code: 1462894410

Summary: The widespread use of effective prescription drugs for erectile dysfunction has helped advance societys acceptance of talking about sexual dysfunction for both men and women. As the authors elegantly describe, sexual dysfunction and attempts at treating it have been around for as long as sexuality itself. Its no surprise that history is full of myths about aphrodisiacs. Despite all the advances we have made in medicine, the myth of the aphrodisiacs is as powerful as ever. However, sexual dysfunction is very often a complex problem requiring careful, thoughtful and educated treatment. Rarely is there quick natural fix. Consumers need to do their homework before buying into the claims of companies selling natural aphrodisiacs. This book is an excellent resource for those seeking to educate themselves about the history, effectiveness, safety and future of natural aphrodisiacs. Nevertheless, the information contained within the text is also important and valuable for both sides of the patient-physician equation in the treatment of sexual dysfunction. Siobhan Hyland McGaughey, M.D. Urologist Urology Associates of central Missouri Columbia, MO 65201 The authors have expressed very clearly the various merits and demerits of natural aphrodisiac products on the market. Discussion on the future prospects of plant used as aphrodisiacs is excellent information for the phytochemists who are interested to pursue research limitations in the area of existing natural aphrodisiacs and their standardizations is consistent with the rising interest of global consumers in green environment. A special effort in creating the drawings of the natural products for enabling readers to identify the natural products is phenomenal. I recommend this book to the lovers of natural products without any hesitation. I hope that manufacturers, scholars and consumers of natural aphrodisiac products will take advantage of this document in years to come. Usha Chowdhary, Ph.D. Professor, Human Environmental Sciences Central Michigan University Mount Pleasant, MI 48859 The latest research on herbal aphrodisiacs cited by the authors is very impressive. The appropriate quotations at the beginning of each chapter are very fascinating. It is a comprehensive compendium on natural aphrodisiacs comprising their origin, myth, chemistry, pharmacology, risk and romance. Hand drawings of the plants are excellent and depict their morphological characteristics that can be helpful in identifying them. The book is actually a ready reckoner for physicians, pharmacist, or herbalists for guiding the patients who are incorporating natural products in their daily regime. K. C. Varma, Ph.D. Emeritus Professor & Chief Editor Indian Journal of Natural Products, India

Eat Cake Naked Book by Amy Reiley,Delahna Flagg

Eat Cake Naked Book
  • Author : Amy Reiley,Delahna Flagg
  • Publisher : Life of Reiley
  • Release Date : 2018-01-10
  • Category: Cooking
  • Pages : 130
  • ISBN Code: 0984689850

Summary: How can making dessert heat up your love life? Award-winning food writer, aphrodisiac expert and dessert lover Amy Reiley offers a new reason to get into the kitchen. Her latest cookbook, Eat Cake Naked: aphrodisiac desserts to heat up your love life, is a dessert book like no other. This cookbook not only offers modern dessert recipes with easy instructions, but it’s the only cookbook around that will improve your love life while satisfying your sweet tooth. For this book, Reiley, known as a leading authority on aphrodisiac foods, collaborated with Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef and nutritional expert Delahna Flagg. Together they’ve created a truly life-changing twist on baking with Eat Cake Naked. The book offers an entire menu of desserts that incorporate the latest superfoods known to ignite the flames of passion...and they’re not just desserts to find you romance. These are the kind of recipes you’ll want to reach for every time you make dessert. Think Avocado-Vanilla Bean Pots de Crème, Black Sesame Wedding Cookies, 5-Spice Apples in Syrup, Cherry Bomb Cupcakes and Dark Chocolate Ganache. But not only does Eat Cake Naked provide you with go-to recipes for heating things up in the kitchen and the bedroom, it gives you the tools to upgrade any dessert in your recipe file with aphrodisiac ingredients. By the end of this book you’ll know how to swap out ingredients in any recipe to turn all your favorite desserts into something that will supercharge your sex life.

Temptations Book by Michael Albertson,Ellen Albertson

Temptations Book
  • Author : Michael Albertson,Ellen Albertson
  • Publisher : Simon and Schuster
  • Release Date : 2002-04-19
  • Category: Health & Fitness
  • Pages : 336
  • ISBN Code: 0743229800

Summary: Eating and sex have never been such titillating bedfellows. From the time Casanova proclaimed oysters "a spur to the spirit and to love," aphrodisiacs have been coveted for their sexually stimulating effects. However, the best ways to release and ignite their power have been shrouded in mystery. Now, Ellen and Michael Albertson expose the hidden delights of aphrodisiacs -- ones you know about and many that will surprise you. From virgin-fresh basil to searing chiles, from edible blossoms to intoxicating vanilla, they present more than one hundred delicious and bedroom-tested edibles that are quickly made, fast-acting, and available in your pantry or supermarket. Here, too, are tips for incorporating aphrodisiacs into a creative love life -- including massage, aromatherapy, and foreplay. Revealing new scientific discoveries and the secrets of lovers throughout the ages, the Albertsons show you how to: Create more powerful orgasms with vitamins, minerals, and herbs Design a six-day eating plan that will get you in shape for a weekend of sex Prepare an erotic meal with only a few ingredients Build a bigger, better penis And more Temptations will prepare you for tonight and beyond.

Dictionary of Aphrodisiacs Book by Harry E. Wedeck

Dictionary of Aphrodisiacs Book
  • Author : Harry E. Wedeck
  • Publisher : Open Road Media
  • Release Date : 2021-08-17
  • Category: Reference
  • Pages : 272
  • ISBN Code: 1504067231

Summary: This delightfully mischievous A-to-Z guide features love potions, powerful herbs, and much more, drawn from global spiritual and esoteric traditions. From absinthe, almond soup, and Albertus Magnus to yarrow, yohimbine, and Emile Zola, this authoritative reference volume covers knowledge of aphrodisiacs spanning centuries, drawn from literature, spirituality, and ancient science. Entries include edible substances believed to enhance sexual performance, gemstones thought to possess amorous charms, gods and goddesses of love from various myths, and historic figures who contributed to studies and thought on aphrodisiacs. This dictionary reveals many intriguing ways for partners to enrich their relationships, including recipes to stimulate the gourmet lover using the many ingredients described in the book.

A Curious History of Sex Book by Kate Lister

A Curious History of Sex Book
  • Author : Kate Lister
  • Publisher : Unbound Publishing
  • Release Date : 2020-02-06
  • Category: Social Science
  • Pages : 384
  • ISBN Code: 1783528060

Summary: This is not a comprehensive study of every sexual quirk, kink and ritual across all cultures throughout time, as that would entail writing an encyclopaedia. Rather, this is a drop in the ocean, a paddle in the shallow end of sex history, but I hope you will get pleasantly wet nonetheless. The act of sex has not changed since people first worked out what went where, but the ways in which society dictates how sex is culturally understood and performed have varied significantly through the ages. Humans are the only creatures that stigmatise particular sexual practices, and sex remains a deeply divisive issue around the world. Attitudes will change and grow – hopefully for the better – but sex will never be free of stigma or shame unless we acknowledge where it has come from. Based on the popular research project Whores of Yore, and written with her distinctive humour and wit, A Curious History of Sex draws upon Dr Kate Lister’s extensive knowledge of sex history. From medieval impotence tests to twentieth-century testicle thefts, from the erotic frescoes of Pompeii, to modern-day sex doll brothels, Kate unashamedly roots around in the pants of history, debunking myths, challenging stereotypes and generally getting her hands dirty. This fascinating book is peppered with surprising and informative historical slang, and illustrated with eye-opening, toe-curling and meticulously sourced images from the past. You will laugh, you will wince and you will wonder just how much has actually changed.

Wild Remedies Book by Rosalee de la Forêt,Emily Han

Wild Remedies Book
  • Author : Rosalee de la Forêt,Emily Han
  • Publisher : Hay House, Inc
  • Release Date : 2020-04-07
  • Category: Health & Fitness
  • Pages : 424
  • ISBN Code: 1401956890

Summary: That's not a weed-it's a healing meal! Learn how to use wild plants for food and medicine in this illustrated guide from two expert herbalists. Millions of people are interested in natural and holistic health, yet many are missing out on the key ingredient: Nature itself! Rekindle your connection with the earth as you craft your own herbal medicine with 75 delicious recipes and powerful healing remedies. Herbalists Rosalee de la Forêt and Emily Han expertly guide you through the benefits of two dozen of the most important and commonly found wild plants-many of which you can easily grow in your own garden, if foraging isn't right for you. Detailed illustrations and beautiful photography ensure that you won't make a plant-identification misstep as you learn how to tend and properly harvest the plant medicine growing right in your own neighborhood. After reading Wild Remedies, you'll never look at your backyard, a public park, or any green space in the same way again. Instead of "weeds," you'll see delicious foods like Dandelion Maple Syrup Cake, Nettle Frittata, and Chickweed Pesto. You will revel in nature's pharmacy as you make herbal oils, salves, teas, and many more powerful remedies in your own kitchen.

Mental Culture Book by Dimitris Xygalatas,William McCorkle

Mental Culture Book
  • Author : Dimitris Xygalatas,William McCorkle
  • Publisher : Routledge
  • Release Date : 2016-04-01
  • Category: Religion
  • Pages : 268
  • ISBN Code: 1317546083

Summary: Why is the set of human beliefs and behaviours that we call "religion" such a widespread feature of all known human societies, past and present, and why are there so many forms of religiosity found throughout history and culture? "Mental Culture" brings together an international range of scholars - from Anthropology, History, Psychology, Philosophy, and Religious Studies - to answer these questions. Connecting classical theories and approaches with the newly established field of the Cognitive Science of Religion, the aim of "Mental Culture" is to provide scholars and students of religion with an overview of contemporary scientific approaches to religion while tracing their intellectual development to some of the great thinkers of the past.

The Encyclopedia of Aphrodisiacs Book by Christian Rätsch,Claudia Müller-Ebeling

The Encyclopedia of Aphrodisiacs Book
  • Author : Christian Rätsch,Claudia Müller-Ebeling
  • Publisher : Simon and Schuster
  • Release Date : 2013-02-03
  • Category: Health & Fitness
  • Pages : 736
  • ISBN Code: 1620552701

Summary: The most comprehensive guide to the botany, pharmacology, cultural, ritual, and personal use of erotically stimulating substances from antiquity to the present day • Details the use, preparation, and dosage of more than 400 plant, animal, mineral, and synthetic substances, both common and exotic, as well as their botany, science, and legal status • Explores the historical and present use of aphrodisiacs and their role in sexual practices, culture, and art • Richly illustrated throughout with more than 800 color photographs The culmination of more than 30 years of cultural, anthropological, and scientific research, this encyclopedia examines the botany, pharmacology, history, preparation, dosage, and practical use of more than 400 erotically stimulating substances from antiquity to the present day. From plants and animals that enhance fertility and virility, like celery, snails, or oysters, to substances that induce arousal, like ephedra, opium, or cannabis, the encyclopedia is richly illustrated with more than 800 color photographs--many of which are from the authors’ extensive fieldwork around the world. Exploring individual, medicinal, and ritual use through historic and contemporary artwork, personal accounts, and literature as well as ayurvedic, tantric, shamanic, and European folklore practices and recent pharmacological research, the authors look at the revolving cycle of acceptance and condemnation of aphrodisiacs, the qualities that incur the label of “aphrodisiac,” the role of mind and setting, and the different ways aphrodisiacs stimulate desire--either physically, through the senses and vital organs, or mentally, through heightened awareness and altered consciousness. This comprehensive guide reveals these “remedies of the love goddess” as holy remedies whose proper use can help reestablish harmony with oneself, one’s partner, and the universe.

Aphrodisiac Concupiscence Deluxe Book by Yolanda Williams

Aphrodisiac Concupiscence Deluxe Book
  • Author : Yolanda Williams
  • Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
  • Release Date : 2010-05-24
  • Category: Poetry
  • Pages : 61
  • ISBN Code: 9781462832347

Summary: A sudden rise in sexual desire. A strengthened need for warmth. A thirst for ultimate bliss. Experience the height of passion and lust through a collection of teasing poetry by Yolanda Williams.

Testosterone Dreams Book by John Hoberman

Testosterone Dreams Book
  • Author : John Hoberman
  • Publisher : Univ of California Press
  • Release Date : 2005-02-21
  • Category: Social Science
  • Pages : 381
  • ISBN Code: 0520939786

Summary: Testosterone has inspired dreams—of restored youth, recharged sexual appetites, faster running, quicker thinking, bigger muscles—since it was first synthesized in 1935. This provocative book investigates the complex, bizarre, and sometimes outrageous history of synthetic testosterone and other male hormone therapies. Exploring many little-known social arenas—both inside and outside the medical world—in which these substances are becoming increasingly available and accepted, Testosterone Dreams examines the implications and dangers of their use in professional sports, in the workplace, in our sex lives, and beyond. Testosterone Dreams tells the story of testosterone's growing and sometimes concealed influence in our culture over the past 70 years. It explores such controversial topics as the invention and marketing of the male menopause, the disturbing history of hormonal and other medical treatments aimed at boosting or suppressing women's sexuality, and hormone doping in sporting events such as the Tour de France and the Olympics, and in Major League Baseball. It brings to light the hidden use of hormone doping by policemen, soldiers, and other workers in a variety of jobs. It also discusses the burgeoning steroid use in the gay community and its relation to AIDS, and takes a hard look at the pharmaceutical industry's promotional campaigns to create new markets for testosterone products. Testosterone Dreams is the first book to bring together the whole story of testosterone and to consider its social and ethical implications: Where does therapy end and performance enhancement begin? How are changing medical technologies affecting how we think about our identities as men and women and the elusive goal of "well-being"? This book will be essential reading as we move inexorably toward the wide-open, libertarian pharmacology that is now making these drug regimes available to a wider and wider clientele.

Clean Eating, Dirty Sex Book by Lisa Davis

Clean Eating, Dirty Sex Book
  • Author : Lisa Davis
  • Publisher : Simon and Schuster
  • Release Date : 2019-02-05
  • Category: Self-Help
  • Pages : 212
  • ISBN Code: 1510730001

Summary: Your ultimate guide to a spicier love life! Filled with humorous and heartfelt stories and science-based advice from more than fifty health experts, this is a hands-on cookbook, health guide, and memoir designed to empower readers to make enduring lifestyle changes in the kitchen and the bedroom. Lisa shares personal reflections from her own journey from dirty to clean eating and her struggles on the path to a healthy relationship with sex and herself. From sharing humiliating life experiences, to discussing how to make healthy habits stick, you will find yourself chuckling one minute and compassionately nodding the next. The book will: Teach readers to stock their pantry with healthy, sensual foods. Explore the addictive nature of the Standard American Diet. Offer advice on fitness activities that strengthen your sexual health. Provide tips for deepening intimacy. Include more than fifty delicious and healthy recipes. The book follows the path from unhealthy eating habits to a diet that will enhance all aspects of your life—from sexual blocks to increased connection and sexual satisfaction. At its core, this book is about inspiring healthy lifestyle change and contains tips and tools on how to strengthen your resolve to make lasting change. The advice that’s given on every page of this book is designed to help you improve your health: physically, emotionally, and sexually. Whether you read it as a healthy sex guide or use it as a cookbook, Clean Eating, Dirty Sex is loaded with extras, and it will bring you the best of life’s pleasures—in and out of the kitchen and bedroom. "With a beautiful blend of humor and practical information, Lisa helps you harness the power of food and exercise for better sexual health and pleasure." –Tess Masters, author of The Blender Girl Series

The Kosmic Kitchen Cookbook Book by Sarah Kate Benjamin,Summer Ashley Singletary

The Kosmic Kitchen Cookbook Book
  • Author : Sarah Kate Benjamin,Summer Ashley Singletary
  • Publisher : Shambhala Publications
  • Release Date : 2020-08-04
  • Category: Cooking
  • Pages : 288
  • ISBN Code: 0834843048

Summary: With over 75 nourishing recipes and herbal remedies, this cookbook and seasonal guide to wellness pays homage to the ancient wisdom of the elements. Turn your kitchen into a healing sanctuary! This cookbook will help you identify your unique constitution based on the five elements—earth, water, fire, wind, and ether. Use that insight to design an everyday wellness practice with nourishing meals, healing herbs, and self-care rituals. Tapping into these elements is at the heart of all traditional medicines—Ayurveda, Western Herbalism, and Chinese Medicine—and it is the key to discovering your most vibrant self. Discover the power of herbalism and the elements to feel balanced and well from season-to-season. With simple spices and healing herbs, you‘ll feel confident creating remedies that support mental clarity, enhanced digestion, a relaxed nervous system, and promote an overall radiance. From cleansing tonics like Roasted Dandelion Chai or Hibiscus Punch with Schisandra Salt to rejuvenating classics like Kitchari with Golden Ghee or Tumeric Congee, you'll find transformative recipes and uses for adaptogenic herbs to restore and find balance every day.