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Posted on 02-24-2017

When You Think About Quitting…

Throughout my storied career in politics the question I’ve found to be the most significant is why?  Like the police procedural dramas, we’ve been raised on, motive turns out to be the crucial element. 

This first came to light for me in 1994.  I’d only been working in the capitol for a year when my legislator lost her reelection and I was suddenly unemployed.  If you recall, that was the year Democrats lost eight seats in the legislature.  Not only was I looking for a job, but I was looking with the staff from seven other offices, all of which had more experience than me.

In the end, I, could only garner one job interview with a new legislator.  In the interview, I was asked why I wanted the job?  I didn’t have a stock answer prepared and I remember blurting out that we were entering a historic period in politics and I HAD to be a participant.  I couldn’t imagine not being part of something so much greater than myself. 

At the time, I had no idea if that was an appropriate answer, but less than two hours later the assemblyman personally called me and offered me a job.  I found out years later he told his campaign consultant he had to have me on his team because anyone who understood the importance and benefits of being part of something greater than their personal concerns would always be a great employee.

That assemblyman was Antonio Villarigosa, who went on to become the Speaker of the Assembly and then Mayor of Los Angeles.  When I became a lobbyist, and wanted to return to the legislature Antonio immediately hired me.  I recall he told me that as long as he was in the legislature, I would always have a job and be able to take care of my family.  At that moment, I realized I’d always have a job because he knew I’d never look at it as a job, but as a cause.

Once I became a Chief of Staff and began interviewing prospective employees his reasoning resonated mightily.  If you ask someone why they want to work with you and you realize this is simply a job to them, you’ll have to pull out of them everything you need.  If you realize from their answer this is a cause to them, they’re going to GIVE you everything they have.

I volunteered 52 weeks of vacation to work on campaigns over my time in the legislature.  I’ve not only never resented doing this, but, am grateful for those experiences.  The skills I was taught, the friendships I made, the causes (candidates) I worked so hard for, made me feel fulfilled in ways no job ever could.

Make A Difference...Don't Quit - Join Us For The 2017 Legislative Conference

We’ve been preparing for LegCon on March 7 for weeks now.  Nearly every issue of the Corner since January has been talking about the preparations.  The question I’d like to ask all of us is, why?  Why should you come to LegCon?  Is being a chiropractor just a job to you?  Or is being a chiropractor a cause, something you can’t imagine not being the focus of your life? 

I’ve been to our chiropractic colleges numerous times.  I’ve seen how excited and motivated the students are to become chiropractors.  I’ve heard their stories about why they chose chiropractic. It seems impossible that we would perceive being a chiropractor as just a job we do to pay the bills. 

Yet, only 20 per cent of licensed chiropractors in California are members of their professional association.  Only a small percentage of members actively engage on behalf of the profession.  Don’t get me wrong, our Key doctors, district leadership, board and many rank and file members are all incredibly engaged.  But where are the rest?  LegCon is the biggest opportunity each year to impact the profession.  Legislators LITERALLY hold the fate of the profession in their purview.  I’ve spoken with chiropractors who have suffered years of frustration with the political arena.  But they understand there’s never a time to quit on chiropractic.  And don’t get us started on all the DCs who haven’t engaged at all yet.

Know this: LegCon isn’t a party, market place, or opportunity to hear from luminaries of the profession.  LegCon is a CAUSE.  It’s your CAUSE!  And we need you to show up and be the difference you want to see, because no one else can do it for you. 

So, when you think about quitting, remember why you started.

And that’s all the news that’s fit to print, and some that probably isn’t…for now.

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I look forward to hearing from you.

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Ron Benson said:

BANG! you got it!

2017-02-24 16:04:21

Dr. Mary said:

I wish that the CCA was non-partisan. Frankly, the one thing we all have in common is that we are all Business Owners! We would all benefit from less taxes and regulations in California! Just saying, I know many CCA members who are: NRA members, Conservative and also kind loving people. When might they be made to feel comfortable and included? If we want to increase our membership, why not include everyone?

2017-02-24 18:29:03

Dr. ClaireMarie said:

Patient's lives matter and we need bills to protect their RIGHT to chiropractic. Without the daily watch on Sacramento where would we be. Thank you Chris and Monica and the whole team. You are appreciated.

2017-02-25 09:26:48

Dr. Mary said:

We all love Chris and appreciate his work and all those at the CCA. Scott Van Horn was a dear friend and Colleague and I will never forget his passion and efforts to get all California DC’s to join the CCA. Wouldn’t it be great if 80-90% of Calif DC’s were members of the CCA? Could you imagine the pull we would have for all of our Patients and also for all our businesses? Then we would have the attention of all Legislators, both Conservative and Liberal!! We have Chiro’s from Jefferson County, the Central Valley and all Counties in between. We have patients who are both Republican and Democrat, they and we all matter!! Sure would be nice to include everyone on the Chiropractic team, just saying! There is always a Liberal slant at the CCA, time to be inclusive for all!! It’s a New Day in America, time to get on board. We all pay our dues…

2017-02-25 21:19:22

Dr. For All said:

I think Dr. Mary makes a great point. We need to be inclusive for ALL chiropractors, not just those who share certain political beliefs. I don't wear my political affiliations on my sleeve, nor do I entertain political conversations with my patients. That being said, I feel EVERYONE is entitled to their opinions, but I don't feel it is the place of CCA to polarize themselves, and all members by extension. Let's make all feel welcome.

2017-02-27 12:44:40

Dr Aviles said:

I believe that the major problem with the CCA is that doesn't fight for the issues the majority of Chiropractor doctor deal in daily basis. I had been in some CCA meeting in the past in Los Angeles area but the issues are usually about PI cases with no interest about insurance issues. Also personally, I feel like no attention was giving to Health care reform and nothing is been done to include Manipulation, the most important part in our profession to be payable by the insurance carriers. I also agreed w the doctor about how political the CCA is it need to change.

2017-03-06 09:52:23

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