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Posted on 02-16-2017

In Any Marginalized Community… 

By the time most of your receive this week’s Corner we’ll be down to the wire to secure authors for our legislative package. Friday, February 17th at 5pm is the deadline for bill introduction. In the world of GA, each minute with that looming deadline can seem like a lifetime.  We’ve made excellent progress on getting authors, but need to keep our cards close to our vests until the final tick-tock of the legislative clock.

Let’s Be There In Force – 2017 Legislative Conference, Tuesday, March 7th

In the unlikely event we weren’t able to secure any authors for any of our proposals, I want to reassure folks that we would still be lobbying our issues vociferously at our Legislative Conference, March 7.  Much of our work in GA is educating members and staff to make it easier to secure authors in subsequent years and to keep chiropractic in the front of their minds.  As I’ve illustrated many times in previous Corner’s, overcoming the prejudice of ignorance is a full-time endeavor!

Our single most important day of the year is our annual lobby day.  Coming out in force to present the very best of our profession to legislators and staff is critical to achieving success.  The difference between try and triumph is a whole lot of umph. 

As you know from reading past Corners, your GA team does everything from designing political advertisements to support our issues, to retail lobbying, to grassroots lobbying, to maximizing our PAC funds in support of pro-chiropractic legislators and the list goes on.

That’s a lot of work and product put out on behalf of the profession, but the face of our profession is our doctors.  Our Legislative Conference puts you in the position to leave a lasting impression on the very people who hold the future of chiropractic in their esteemed hands.  It is difficult to imagine a more important enterprise then representing your profession on this day.

Our Associate Director of Governmental Affairs, Michelle Bancroft, has been putting together everything we’ll need to make this a successful event.  From designing and producing all the on-line materials to make it easy for you to register, to setting up meetings with legislators and staff, to sending out all the marketing materials to get you pumped up for the big day.  Also, our Public Affairs team at KFB has been working on designing and producing what will ultimately be the most professional and powerful collateral material for our legislative friends ever produced.

I hope to see all of you in Sacramento on March 7!  There is no registration fee this year.  We had a one-time opportunity to completely underwrite the cost of putting this event on and we are excited to see a tremendous turnout this year.  I recommend you register early though because the Fire Marshall does enforce the maximum capacity laws for our ballroom at the Citizen Hotel. Register Now!

Workers’ Compensation – Sedgwick Update

Naturally, the lion’s share of our efforts have been going into securing authors for our legislative proposals, but there are always projects running simultaneously. One of our members brought to our attention an issue with Sedgwick Claims Management. We covered this in last week’s Corner.  The latest is the Department of Insurance has already reached out to us. I hope to more information to share on this matter by next week’s Corner. Click here to read the letter. 

Workers’ Compensation – Alternative To Opioids Guidelines

Another ongoing project with an update is our effort to have Department Of Workers’ Compensation (DWC)include manipulation in their guidelines for alternatives to opioids. I’d like to thank the Chair of our Workers Compensation Committee, Dr. Moses Jacob, and Dr. Wayne Whalen, and the entire crew of committee members for their immediate and impactful efforts on this issue.

As you may recall, DWC informed us they would be adopting the ACOEM guidelines on alternatives to opioids as their own.  Through the network of connections of Drs. Jacob and Whalen we were able to insert ourselves into the ACOEM process at the eleventh hour.  We have been privy to the draft guidelines, to be released sometime next month.  Although we aren’t allowed to share the details, since it’s not official yet, we can share we owe a debt of gratitude to our fabulous work comp team.  We’re currently in conversation with the Administrative Director and Executive Medical Director at DWC to meet and discuss ACOEM’s impending guidelines.

We understand not all members practice in the work comp space, just as they don’t all take Medicare patients, or personal injury cases.  We also understand that a profession in which yoga and massage are considered more mainstream and appropriate for treating injuries to the spine by government programs is a profession with a severely limited future.  This is why your CCA GA team expends so much energy and effort in domains that may not impact specific chiropractic business models directly.  At the end of the day, marginalization anywhere, is marginalization everywhere.

And that’s all the news that’s fit to print, and some that probably isn’t…for now.

Want to respond to what you just read? Just look below for the comment box. I encourage your feedback and questions.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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Bob Chatfield DC said:

I know that in Oregon, chiropractors are given first shot at injured workers if I recall correctly, which is supported by one of the more recent studies that show that injured workers who see a chiropractor first have a less than 2% chance of surgery later on whereas if they see an M.D. first the likelihood of surgery down the road is 42%. There is some very strong date out there in support of what we do and I have every confidence that Doctors Whelan and Jacob have provided that. I'm excited to see the information when it becomes available. Thanks for all you continue to do Chris and everyone on the work comp committee. Work injuries is the potential gateway to patients discovering the real benefits of chiropractic care, regular spinal hygiene and wellness for health's sake!

2017-02-17 14:49:33

Danny Gambino DC said:

Wouldn't it be great to have the DCs at the Capitol ongoing? I encourage all DCs who practice in CA or who love our profession and it's unique gift to humanity to show up on March 7. That day, the legislators prepare themselves for our arrival. Imagine multiple "touches" to them both in Sacto and at home? See you there.

2017-02-17 14:54:40

Ron Benson said:

I can see the headlines now: Legislator NAME prefers opioid addiction over chiropractic care for injured workers.

2017-02-18 19:42:54

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