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Posted on 01-05-2017

Aerosmith and Gene Autry Duet

The holiday season is at a close, a new year is upon us, and it’s time to get back in the saddle again. The legislature has certainly started the year with vim and vigor. It may seem chaotic in the hallways under the dome, with legislators quickly packing to move offices on short notice, but big actions are underway.

What's Up At The Capitol

You may have heard the majority party in both houses have retained a law firm that includes former United States Attorney General, Eric Holder. In the words of the Pro Tem of the Senate, Kevin de Leon, and Speaker of the Assembly, Anthony Rendon, the firm’s role will be “advising us in our efforts to resist any attempts to roll back the progress California has made” on climate change, civil rights and other issues.”

The Senate and Assembly are splitting the $25,000 a month cost of retaining the firm for the next three months. This is of course in anticipation that President Trump may act to roll back some of California’s initiatives such as immigration and global warming.

Whether we think this is a good idea, or it exacerbates an already tense relationship with our country’s leader, we can all agree 2017 is likely be a historic year. Naturally, we hope make a little history of our own on behalf of chiropractic. 

Bill Shopping, Student Chiro Con, Leg Con... 2017 Here  We Come!

Your GA team continues to seek authors for our legislative package. Tracking them down while they’re in transit to new offices is like trying to corner a Jack rabbit in an open field, but we’ll git ‘er done.

We’re also putting the final touches on our inaugural Student CCA lobby day we’ve dubbed Student Chiro Con. That’s this month on Tuesday, January 24. As we’ve mentioned, the students’ lobbying will be integral to our efforts this year as they lay a strong foundation for our Legislative Conference lobbying and CCA’s lobbying throughout the legislative session. We can’t thank our student CCA members enough for investing in their futures and the future of chiropractic. So, students...if you haven't registered yet - register now!

Check this out! We have gotten a jump start on the 2017 Legislative Conference. Registration is now live. We are also pleased to let you all know that this year our premier lobbying event is FREE to CCA members! So, join us...we need your help to launch phase 2 of our lobbying plan. Register Today!

Navigating The Complex World Of Workers' Compensation

There’s a lot going on in the world of Workers’ Compensation. Garnering equity for chiropractors in this system is an ongoing multi-decade effort. We’re currently focusing on removing the 24 visit cap; requiring conservative care prior to opioids and surgery; inclusion on the DWC’s list of alternatives to opioids; and reducing the number of hours to be a Qualified Medical Examiner (QME) from 44 hours for chiropractors to 12. That’s a lot of heavy lifting, but our Workers' Compensation committee has been pumping the proverbial iron and have been instrumental in our efforts.

Latest updates are that through our Committee member’s vast network of relationships we’ve been able to engage with the people at ACOEM who are drafting new opioid guidelines. As you may recall, DWC intends to accept ACOEM’s guidelines on this issue as their own. We should give a huge thank you to our committee members who worked relentlessly over the holiday to ensure our arguments, data, and research would be considered. This is what CCA does and it’s what CCA is. Chiropractors working exceptionally hard to support the profession. When government agencies see yoga and massage as more legitimate alternatives to opioids than chiropractic, we must work as a team to overcome such large hurdles.

On the QME front, once again our committee members’ network of relationships is paying off. Dr. Wayne Whalen has worked with people at DWC who are now open to addressing the disparity that chiropractors must complete 44 hours of education to take the QME exam, while all other providers need only have 12 hours. The committee also worked tirelessly over the holiday on this issue as well and we are in the process of bringing our case to DWC.

So Good To Be Back...

It was truly wonderful to get some much-needed time with my family over the holiday. My 83-year-old mother still speaks four languages and walks 30 minutes every day. I got see my grandniece for the first time, a seven-month-old angel (Her mother and father live in England). And it was great as always to share memories and bad jokes with my older brother.

Now it’s a new year, and whether it’s Aerosmith “ridin’ into town alone by the night of the moon lookin’ for old Sukie Jones’ crazy horse saloon”, or Gene Autry “Ridin’ the range once more totin’ my old 44,” it feels good to be back, back in the saddle again. Welcome to 2017!

And that’s all the news that’s fit to print, and some that probably isn’t…for now.

Want to respond to what you just read? Just look below for the comment box. I encourage your feedback and questions.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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Ron Benson said:

Happy New Year. Thumbs up! Charge on!

2017-01-06 18:45:16

Rodney Cummings, D.C. said:

Love the Gene Autry reference.I live in Gene Autry's old house.Right next to the still functioning movie studio Melody Ranch.

2017-01-09 14:26:59

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