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Posted on 11-10-2016

West Coast Bids 3 No Trump

I would be remiss if I didn’t wax somewhat philosophical about our presidential election results.  We may think a change in presidents wouldn’t have much specific impact on chiropractic in California, but President-Elect Trump may be an exception.

For those of you have not read his plan for the first 100 days of his presidency you can find it here. One area that is likely to see immediate action and potential impact on chiropractic is the President-Elect’s plan to abolish the Affordable Care Act. (ACA).  He has the support of leadership in both houses of Congress (Republican majorities) on this issue, unlike others in his 100-day plan.

What This 100-Day Plan May Mean For Chiropractic

The exclusion of chiropractic manipulation from the ACA has been a long-standing point of contention. Irrespective of what (if anything) will replace the ACA, California’s reaction to its termination will need to be closely watched.  I’m already receiving intelligence from our doctors in the field with close relationships to their local state legislators.  These legislators are very concerned about how California can keep those currently receiving health care through the Exchange, insured.

If this concern is widely held by the state Democratic majority in both houses, it could provide chiropractic an opportunity to ameliorate our past grievances. We are currently working our networks to suss out this dynamic and will ensure we are included completely in any new system.

The Results Are In...Chiropractic Wins Big!

This provides a nice segue into the topic of state-wide election results and those possible impacts on chiropractic. As you know, CCA invested a lot of resources in the effort to elect pro-chiropractic candidates.

We are very pleased with the results producing an astounding 95% win rate in the Senate and a 90% win rate in Assembly. 

Your GA Team, in this case Associate Director of GA, Michelle Bancroft, has put together the inaugural CCA Election Results Guide. Check it out for the complete picture of our successes!

As you recall, we focused extra resources on seven races. Of those seven, we obtained victory on five. In the Senate races, Jim Beall, Anthony Portantino, and Nancy Skinner were all victorious.  For the Assembly races, Anna Caballero and Ash Kalra were also election day winners. Only Assembly candidates Vicki Veenker and Ardy Kassakhian did not win their contests.

Even these limited defeats provided positive outcomes for chiropractic.  Keep in mind, our engagement in these campaigns demonstrated chiropractic’s ability to engage in this domain, established our political sophistication, and garnered good will with a powerful contingent of pro-business Democrats in the legislature by supporting candidates with these credentials.

In one of the most important election cycles in recent history for chiropractic, this is great news!  The endorsed candidates were selected by their local CCA chiropractic district. District leaders and key doctors were called upon to engage with the candidates and considered many factors including the candidate’s interest in health policy and their desire to support chiropractic. Once vetted, an endorsement was confirmed.

With the endorsements completed, CCA focused on getting the word out via the 2016 CCA Voter’s Guide. We and the profession, thank you for voting chiropractic.

For our endorsed candidates who did not win their seat, we thank them for their commitment and wish them the best in their future endeavors. The CCA Governmental Affairs Department, CCA District leaders and key doctors will soon establish relationships to educate the non-endorsed newly elected candidates.

Playing and Winning The Game

When my wife and I were teenagers my parents taught us how to play the card game Bridge.  For those of you unfamiliar with this card game, click here. Bridge was invented in the 1920's and currently occupies a position of great prestige, and is more comprehensively organized than any other card game. There are clubs, tournaments and championships throughout the world.

The game really begins when players, who each have 13 cards from the deck, working in teams of two, begin bidding on how many hands they think they can win as a team.  Neither my wife nor my Mother ever wanted to team with my Dad because he always bid beyond what he had any right to expect to win.  I just loved to see my Dad have a good time, so I was happy to be a co-conspirator for his optimism!

If you had a lot of face cards in a suit you might bid Two Hearts.  If you won the bidding, then Hearts would trump the other three suits.  If you had a lot of face cards from a variety of suits you might bid two no trump, indicating none of the suits would trump another.

This is a very long, circuitous road to point out that all three states on the west coast of America did not support the President-Elect. In effect, playing a losing bid of Three No Trump. How this impacts chiropractic will be a major focus of your GA team in the months/years to come.

My memory of our Bridge games, lo those many years ago, was that my Dad and I won far more often than we lost. Good training on how to win with a losing hand...

And that’s all the news that’s fit to print, and some that probably isn’t…for now.

2016 California Chiropractic Association. All rights reserved. Please do not disseminate in part or whole without prior permission. Questions or permission to disseminate? Contact Cris Forsyth at cforsyth@calchiro.org.

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