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Posted on 11-04-2016

Now When I Was Just A Little Boy… 

Election day is next Tuesday and if you haven’t already mailed in your ballot please do so now.  If you’re old school and like to cast your vote at your polling place, good for you just don’t forget!

One of my first political lessons was learned when I was standing to my father’s knee at the neighborhood polling place.  My parents were public school teachers whose MD told them my lungs were getting infected four or more times a year because of the terrible air quality. As a result, my parents forwent ever being able to buy a home and moved us to Newport Beach where my parents managed to find barely affordable apartments to rent and I enjoyed infection free living due to the clean ocean air. 

Those of you unfamiliar with the beautiful confines of Newport Beach, it is one of most affluent and politically conservative beach cities in our fine state.

What this meant for us politically was that when my parents took me to the polling place in our Newport Beach neighborhood, the volunteers would announce “hey, the Democrats are here.”  Being teachers, my parents saw this as a teaching moment and explained that we were the only registered Democrats at this polling place.  My father further elaborated that this meant we had two choices: one, keep quiet since we were such a small minority; or two, be loud, strong, and expert in our opinions.

If you’ve read any of the 80 something Corners we’ve published, I’m sure it’s obvious which choice I’ve chosen on behalf of chiropractic.  CCA has been very loud this election cycle.  Maximizing our PAC dollars, political strategies, and leveraging every opportunity to get pro-chiropractic candidates elected.  This has been a very exciting period in our political endeavors.  Having legislators who are not only open minded, or sympathetic to chiropractic, but also willing to stand up for us, is the key to successful advocacy.

More On Our Election Strategies & Independent Expenditures

Chiropractic is non-partisan thus, we do not base our contributions or endorsements based on political party. For this important election cycle, we targeted a small number of races involving Democrats running against Democrats. Democrats specifically because as the majority party we simply must bolster the ranks of Democrats that are pro-chiropractic.

This strategy held several advantages for us. First, we only identified those races that had one candidate that was significantly more pro-chiropractic than the other.  That was also a moderate pro-business Democrat who would understand and be sympathetic to the challenges of small business owners like ourselves.  These races also had to fit the political algorithm that our efforts would be noticed and not lost amongst the hundreds of millions of dollars being spent in this election cycle.

We endorsed a lot of fine candidates, but CCA went all out for this election cycle for a chosen few candidates:: 

Anna Caballero Ash Kalra Ardy Kassakhian Vicki Veenker
Assembly District 30 Assembly District 30 Assembly District 43 Assembly District 24

Anthony Portantino Nancy Skinner
Senate District 25 Senate District 9

If these candidates are on your ballot we truly hope you’ll vote for them. Especially if you’re a Republican, because not only are they the best Democrat in the race for chiropractic; it is likely your vote will be the difference in these close races.

Did you know that 60% of Republicans in these races will choose one Democrat over the other?  The campaigns tend to ignore Republican voters in these races with overwhelming Democratic registration.  CCA did not, we focused on Republican voters, letting them know who the more moderate pro-business Democrat was on their ballot.  This strategy provided us an opportunity to not solely maximize our resources, but make a big impact on the outcome of these elections.

We Want Your Ideas – Get Them To Us By Monday, November 7th!

Your GA team and the CCA Legislative Action Committee are feverishly working on the 2017 CCA Legislative Plan. Like the old adage – measure twice, cut once – we take a good amount of time to hone our focus for the upcoming legislative session. We have narrowed the field of legislative ideas to the following priorities:

  • Pre-Sports Physical Bill – Sponsor
  • Workers' Compensation MTUS Guidelines Bill – Sponsor
  • Legislation That Will Address The 24-Visit Cap - Sponsor
  • Third Party Administrators - Co-Sponsor with the Physical Therapists 

This year the Committee wanted to do things a bit different. They were unanimous in wanting to seek more information from doctors as to what they would like to see addressed legislatively for the profession. This is where YOU come in!

Do you have an idea for new legislation that would benefit the profession? We are seeking new and innovative ideas. Is your idea "too out of the box" or has been tried before and failed? We want to hear about it!

We have made it easy for you to share your idea/s. Just click on the button below and you will find an online form. Please submit one form per idea.All form submissions will be provided to the CCA Legislative Action Committee for review.

For those of you who have already submitted your idea, we thank you!

The rest of that lesson my father taught at the Newport Beach polling place can best be summed up by these lyrics from a Creedence Clearwater Revival song:

Now, when I was just a little boy,

Standin’ to my Daddy’s knee,

My poppa said, “Son, don’t let the man get you

Do what he done to me. ‘Cause he’ll get you,

‘Cause he’ll get you now, now.

Not only have I never missed voting in an election since I came of age, but I’ve devoted a large part of my life to participating in our Democracy. The alternative to not getting involved is to let the man get you. ‘Cause he’ll get you now, now.

And that’s all the news that’s fit to print, and some that probably isn’t…for now.

Did you know we want your pro-chiropractic stories? Well, we do! Give a shout to Kayleigh Carey, CCA Marketing & Membership Coordinator at kcarey@calchiro.org or at 916.648.2720, ext 124. Kayleigh will fill you in on the details.

2016 California Chiropractic Association. All rights reserved. Please do not disseminate in part or whole without prior permission. Questions or permission to disseminate? Contact Cris Forsyth at cforsyth@calchiro.org.

Jo English DC said:

I assume that the Veenker flyer I commented upon was directed at Republican voters. I still think it was tacky language, but if it gets them to vote for her...

2016-11-04 14:30:03

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