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Posted on 09-29-2016

And Now A Chance To Breathe…Well, Not Really

Hello my faithful Corner readers! I have not been gracing the halls of the CCA central office this week. Why, you ask? I am out campaigning and networking for you and your great profession.

This type of campaigning can be tough sometimes especially when you live in a state as vast as California! Not that I am complaining, believe me...

Not to worry, however, Cris’ Corner will be back next week at our regularly scheduled time.

In the meantime, don’t forget to check out our 2016 General Election Voter Guide

I know I probably sound like a broken record, but I cannot stress enough how important this election will be for chiropractic. So, get informed and let's vote chiropractic to win chiropractic!

And if you aren’t registered to vote, do so today! Click here to register online.

Did you know you can comment directly on the Corner? Just look below for the comment box. I encourage your feedback and questions.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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Bozena Janczar said:

Thank you! Great job! We appreciate you!

2016-10-01 04:43:47

Ricardo Morelli, DC said:

Is this true?? What is going on with the CCE? They are drafting new verbiage that lowers the requirement to be a DC and can take away our title as a primary care physician and basically as a doctor.

2016-10-04 17:08:27

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