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Posted on 07-27-2016

The Politics of Alice

I see politics everywhere.  There I said it.  They say admitting things is the first step to taking control of your life.  I’ve lived, breathed, fought, triumphed, cried, and bled politics for nearly all of my adult life. 

I did so for what I’ve always believed were the “right” reasons, to use government to make life better for as many as possible.  I considered my choice a calling, never a job.  I also consciously decided to endeavor to be a “good” person and see if it impeded my ability to be successful.  Politics is, after all, often considered a male centric “blood sport” and never for the naïve or faint of heart.

What I came to realize over time was that once people realized what you would and wouldn’t do or say, respect ensued.  Respect begets success.  And so I carved out a successful little niche for my professional self.  When the FBI came around a couple times during my 25 years in the legislature, I could honestly tell them I was not privy to anything nefarious.  In retrospect, I realized this was because no one ever wanted me in the room when certain conversations took place. 

I would argue the percentage of corrupt public servants equals that of the corrupt in any vocation.  But a few bad apples should not tarnish the shine on all.  And not all tarnished, are tarnished equally.  Case in point, chiropractors.  A few over utilized the Work Comp system and it resulted in near persecution of the profession.  The 24-visit cap and removal as a primary treating physician once the cap is hit, are tangible manifestations of this persecution. 

Back surgeons defraud the Work Comp system of hundreds of millions of dollars; perform unnecessary surgeries; use subpar materials; and yet, their profession remains unscathed.  We hear no hue and cry for restricting access to back surgeons.  I bring this up to belabor the obvious: that politics is unequal and often unfair.  But, the rules of engagement are the same for ALL. That some are more effective than others are simply a manifestation of their ability to maximize those rules of engagement to their benefit.

CCA, as you know, is on a path to do likewise.  Each week in this blog we chronicle our path to success.  Abraham Lincoln once noted, “I walk slowly, but I never walk backward.”  And this is the path we’ve charted here at CCA for chiropractic in California.  We have challenges to overcome and we are on a path do so.  Each step we take is block in the foundation of our inevitable success.

As you know, CCA recently requested Senator Jim Beall submit a letter to the Commission on Health and Safety and Workers Compensation (CHSWC) to study if there remains any need for the 24-visit cap given reforms in recent years. Click here to read the letter.

The response from the Executive Director was no, that it was unnecessary since they were studying the results of reforms already.  CCA heard through friends that the conversation on the study internally was still taking place.  One week after hearing this news, a notice was sent out by the Commission announcing a meeting wherein the subject of the 24 visit cap would be discussed.

Naturally, the CCA GA team will attend that meeting and testify. We at CCA understand that although “there is always room for coincidence in life,” as German musician Alva Noto has said, we tend to agree with author/philosopher Simon Van Booy who opined, “coincidence means you are on the right path.”   

Last year I attended the Sports & Rehab Symposium at Disneyland. I had the pleasure of talking to a lot of chiropractors working in the field of sports and rehabilitation.  Many work with professional sports teams.

On the heels of the Symposium, we introduced AB 1992 (Jones), relative to pre-athletic sports physicals. CCA ran a media campaign for three months, working with a PR firm to design professional advertisements and purchase ad space in political newsletters and blogs.  This was a first for CCA and a survey of my contacts in the political community revealed all noticed the ads and commented they were well done.  The advertisements featured chiropractors being on every NFL team in the country.  A coincidence?  I leave it for others to judge.  Even the Chair of the committee, who personally killed our bill, stipulated to the qualifications of chiropractors working in the NFL. If you haven't yet, click here to read about the events leading up to and including the AB 1992 committee hearing.

Your GA team will continue to conceive coincidences, walk slowly yet always forward, and maximize the rules of engagement.  I am reminded of the tale Alice in Wonderland wherein the Mad Hatter remarks, “Everyone wants a magical solution to their problems, but no one wants to believe in magic.”  Like coincidence, we’ll make our own magic.

That’s all the news that’s fit to print, and some that probably isn’t…for now.

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