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Posted on 07-08-2016

We're SOCIAL! Are You?

With the Independence Day celebrations behind us we can reminisce on the joy of our social interactions with family and friends.  CCA understands the importance of being social.  Thanks to the support we’re receiving from Kayleigh Carey, our new Marketing and Membership Coordinator and our public affairs team at KFB Public Affairs, we can now be found on all the fastest growing social networks, such as Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest, just to name a few.

Here’s where you can find us! 


Like us, follow along and provide feedback.

Social media is a major component of Governmental Affairs activity these days and CCA is committed to maximizing this resource. Growing the chiropractic community through social media will enhance our ability to advocate in the political and legislative arenas.  And you can be a big part of this success.

Do you know a chiropractor (yourself included) who is making a difference in the community or who has helped a patient reach incredible results? We’d love to know about the work that’s being done, in the name of wellness, community, chiropractic, advocacy and more! Send details, photos or background information to Kayleigh at kcarey@calchiro.com.  Help us help you.  And by you we mean, chiropractic in California.

Pre-Athletic Sports Physicals – Still In The Game

We are continuing our efforts to find a bill in the Senate in the right spot of the legislative process to resurrect AB 1992 (Jones) regarding pre-athletic sports physicals.  The clock’s running out with only a month of the legislative session remaining, but we’re not giving up.  At the initial AB 1992 hearing in April we had a lot of help from DCs in the sports arena on this bill as well as the Chair of the Board of Chiropractic Examiners, Dr. Sergio Azzolino. To read about the AB 1992 hearing outcome, click here. If we are unable to resurrect AB 1992, we will seek to re-introduce this issue in the next legislative session.

CCA Sports & Rehab Symposium – August 19-21

Speaking of the field of sports, please don’t miss an opportunity to learn about or expand your knowledge of DC in this arena.  CCA is sponsoring our annual Sports & Rehab Symposium August 19-21.  It’s held at Disneyland’s California Hotel & Spa. CCA gets great rates and it’s definitely a family friendly event! Check out the jam-packed program and register today!

Cris Out & About With The Sacramento Kings

Further speaking of the field of sports, I had an opportunity through a legislative relationship to attend a Sacramento Kings event.  Here’s proof.  That’s me on the left and Vlade Divac, former Kings Center and current General Manager, on the right.

I spoke with a couple of the King’s management folks and found out they have a doctor of chiropractic on their medical team. Yay Kings!  The event was hosted by the owner of one of the million dollar a year suites at the new arena.  He happens to be an associate of mine.  I’m hoping we can convince him to host a CCA event at the suite, in which we will invite key legislators.  No guarantees right now just working my resources.

Coalition Building 101

I receive more than a few suggestions that CCA should work on building coalitions amongst health care practitioners on issues of common interest.  We have and continue to work on this, since it is politically advantageous by increasing our opportunity for success. 

Our recent efforts regarding AB 2407 (Chavez) regarding requiring Medical Treatment Utilization Schedule (MTUS) guidelines be followed by the primary treating physician is a case in point.  The MTUS guidelines require conservative care be the first line of treatment, not opioids and scalpels. On AB 2407 we worked with and had the support of a wide range of health care practitioners that provide conservative care. Ever wonder how are these mutually beneficial coalitions between provider groups actually built?  Our wonderful relationship with naturopathic doctors is a good illustration of this as it demonstrates the many facets of relationship building, in particular the participation of our members.

In 2001 naturopathic doctors were considering introducing legislation to establish a board and allow Naturopaths to practice in California.  Naturopathic doctors approached CCA to ascertain our position on their proposal. CCA replied they would oppose the proposal as constructed at that time.

Good faith meetings ensued whereby CCA negotiated language they were comfortable with and ultimately took a neutral position on the proposal.

In 2003, naturopathic doctors introduced SB 907 by Senator John Burton, this established their practice act, and it passed and was signed into law.

Naturopathic doctors again approached CCA in 2012, regarding a scope expansion which included their being able to perform manipulation. CCA replied they would oppose such an expansion of scope.  CCA requested information regarding the training and education of naturopathic doctors.  The information was supplied and it turned out to be significantly less than that of doctors of chiropractic.  CCA continued to meet with naturopathic doctors regarding this proposal.  In the end, the naturopathic doctors were unable able to find an author for their proposal.

In 2013 CCA’s President, Dr. Brian Stenzler toured the sole naturopathic college in California.  This led to a much better understanding of and appreciation for the training, education, and role of naturopathic doctors in the non-pharmacological, non-surgical health care system.

In 2015 naturopathic doctors found an author for their proposal regarding their scope of practice.  CCA’s positive relationship with naturopathic doctors resulted in an agreement to remove manipulation from their proposal. CCA supported their legislation, SB 538 (Block). Click here to read our letter of support.

In 2016 the author of SB 538 decided to focus solely on education related legislation he’d introduced and informed the naturopathic doctors he would not be moving the bill forward as its author.  Naturopathic doctors reached out once again to CCA for counsel and support.  As a result of CCA President, Dr. Brian Stenzler’s strong relationships with legislators, CCA was instrumental in securing an author for SB 538. Senator Ben Hueso stepped up to take authorship of SB 538.

CCA has continued to work with naturopathic doctors on SB 538 and the implementation of Section 2706 of the ACA.  As you can see, although we did always see eye-to-eye, CCA and naturopathic doctors worked together to achieve mutually assured benefit.  We have a solid ally now in the political arena and naturopathic doctors have been working with us on matters that benefit chiropractic. CCA sees great benefit in the uniting of non-allopathic health care providers on issues of mutual concern.

Election Preparation In Full Swing

I know it’s an election year and the Primary is behind us, but we’re full tilt for chiropractic. Monica Miller and I have been assessing all the races to make endorsement recommendations for our local districts.  We’ve also been analyzing and assessing PAC contributions and expenditures to propose to our PAC trustees for the new fiscal year.

I also met with our Independent Expenditure Committee consultant to analyze which election races are most advantageous for CCA to engage in.  We’re also close to proposing to our PAC trustees a new on-line, full-time PAC fundraising platform similar to what Stanford, Notre Dame, and the Air Force Academy successfully utilize.  Exciting opportunities for chiropractic this election cycle. 

And that’s all the news that’s fit to print, and some that probably isn’t…for now.

©2016 California Chiropractic Association. All rights reserved. Please do not disseminate in part or whole without prior permission. Questions or permission to disseminate? Contact Cris Forsyth at cforsyth@calchiro.org.

Anne Lundquist said:

Thank you for all of your hard work. It's great to see the CCA supporting other natural healing professions in California.

2016-08-16 10:38:49

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