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Posted on 06-23-2016

CCA Burns Up Airwaves & Beyond for Chiropractic

KFB Public Affairs secured a radio interview for CCA on 105.1 KNIC (New Country) Sacramento, with on air talent, Julie Ryan on Tuesday, June 21.  This segment was programming for the station’s public affairs segment that runs Sunday mornings.  The show will this Sunday, June 26th. Naturally, once it has aired we’ll post it on social media and our GA website.

Our incoming President, Dr. Leslie Hewitt, was interviewed. I also chimed in where appropriate.  The twenty-minute interview topics covered the gamut of issues relative to chiropractic. 

Dr. Hewitt was fabulous! She was able to articulately espouse upon CCA, the benefits of chiropractic, the education and training of doctors of chiropractic, and everything in-between.  It was a very “conversational” interview that should resonate with listeners.  I was brought into the conversation to discuss what CCA’s Governmental Affairs team does and that provided me the opportunity to discuss the “prejudice of ignorance” we are working to overcome and how the opioid epidemic illustrates the dire need to include chiropractic as a solution.  Dr. Hewitt and I worked diligently together to prepare our agenda and ourselves.  I’m happy to report we were able to cover all the major points we’d hoped to present to listeners.

But wait, there’s more! The interview will also be aired on all 5 affiliate stations in Sacramento. This means we hit the 18-34-year-old demographic that listens to sports talk, classic rock, hip hop, soft pop, and smooth jazz demographics.  This is a great opportunity for CCA to get the word out on chiropractic. This is another huge step for CCA.  One of our priorities has been to raise positive awareness of chiropractic state-wide.  Bringing KFB Public Affairs on board to create, strategize, and implement a concerted and effective campaign is already paying dividends (you’ll recall the recent TV News story that featured Dr. David Benevento) and this is just the beginning.  Garnering positive “free media” of our profession in such a crowded media market, is no small feat.

Tune In! The interview is scheduled to air this Sunday, June 26th around 6:30 am on the following local CBS stations: KNCI, KHTK, KZZO, KSFM AND KYMX.

Manifesting Seminar Gives Us More Tools

I had the unique opportunity to attend a three-day seminar on How To Manifest On Demand, as a guest of Dr. Hewitt.  The seminar dove deep into how to move ideas from the ethereal to the material realm.

I encountered a large number of tools applicable to CCA.  For example, the idea that we always manifest who we are, not what we want.  How we show up to the chiropractic community as an association is a manifestation of who we are.  We need to make sure that who we are, is who chiropractors want to be.  We make that happen and membership will grow exponentially.  Of course nothing is as simple as it sounds, but we’re always looking for ways to improve CCA to better serve chiropractic in all domains, not solely Governmental Affairs.  I’ve always felt that the more tools you have in your tool box, the more solutions you have at your disposal.  As they say, when every tool you have is a hammer, every solution looks like a nail.  And that’s not the CCA way.

Welcome To Our New Marketing & Membership Coordinator – Kayleigh Carey

I’d like to give a big shout out to our newest team member at CCA HQ, Kayleigh Carey (pronounced Kay-Lee). Kayleigh will serve CCA as the Marketing & Membership Coordinator.  Her first day was Wednesday, June 22.

Ms. Carey has extensive marketing experience having worked for many years in the retail clothing industry as a merchandise buyer.  Assessing competition and current market trends, product branding and strategies, as well as customer relations are only a few of the professional skills in her repertoire she’ll bring to CCA. Bringing talent and expertise to address our needs necessitates bringing someone with Kayleigh’s skill set on board.  In addition, having in-house staff able to augment and work seamlessly with KFB to promote membership growth, is a big plus for CCA. 

By the time you receive this week’s Corner, Kayleigh will be spending her third day on the job working at our Board of Directors meeting in Lake Tahoe.  Reminds me of my first days on the job also working a BOD meeting.  Guess we have a new tradition of jumping into the deep end of the pool.  Please give Kayleigh a warm welcome to CCA!

Lake Tahoe Board of Directors Meeting and Right In Your Backyard Seminar This Weekend!

Speaking of BOD meetings, this week’s meeting trumpets a very big transition for CCA.  This will be the first time the BOD meets in its reconfigured conformation.  We are embarking on a new journey operating with a smaller board more congruent with today’s corporate structure. In addition, we’ll be swearing in a new CCA President, Dr. Leslie Hewitt!  Please be sure to send your congratulations to Dr. Hewitt.

And don’t forget to thank our soon-to-be Immediate Past President, Dr. Brian Stenzler, whose energy, passion, and steady hand led CCA with distinction these past two years.  Good times behind, even better times ahead. 

And Last But Never Least – A Big Thank You To Dr. Del Torto!

I’d also like to give a big CCA shout out to Dr. Adam J. Del Torto.  Dr. Del Torto attended the CCA Convention and Market Place in San Diego earlier this month.  The shout out isn’t for attending though, it’s for providing a $2,700 contribution to the CCA PAC! 

Dr. Del Torto made a commitment that for each person who registered for his Cranial Facial Release (CFR) seminar, he would donate $300 to the CCA PAC.  In his own words Dr. Del Torto explains his generosity, “I am committed to the advancement of chiropractic and the preservation of our profession.  In this regard I pledge to follow suit by pledging $300 for every future registration generated at CCA events that we attend.  This is a perpetual indefinite pledge that we will continue in support of the CCA.”  Please join me in thanking Dr. Del Torto for his energetic, financially heart-based support of our profession and CCA. 

That’s all the news that’s fit to print, and some that probably isn’t…for now.

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