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Posted on 06-07-2016

Too Much Good Stuff – CCA Convention

I’m finding it difficult to summarize four days of activity at our 2016 Convention & Marketplace this past week.  There was so much positive energy circulating those four days. There is no other explanation how we all made it through 16 hour days with smiles ear to ear.

For those who prefer the abridged version of events please, check out the videos throughout the blog.

Staff arrives at the Convention on Wednesday to get things set up and the pedal stays down until late Sunday afternoon when we head for the airport to return to Sacramento.

So very much happens behind the scenes to make this mammoth event a success for our doctors, vendors, guests, sponsors, and families I can’t begin to paint that picture.  Let’s just remember to send our thoughts of thanks to our Director of Conventions and Seminars, Kim DeWeese, our volunteer doctors and their volunteer families, Monica Miller, CCA contract lobbyist, KFB Public Affairs, our new marketing/public affairs team and CCA staff for not only their seemingly tireless efforts, but their good cheer throughout.

Convention Re-Cap & Then Some...

I know this blog is about our GA activities and it may seem on the surface that our Convention lives outside this domain, but it truly isn’t.  For one, we held our first ever CCA-PAC Yacht Cruise fundraiser party this year. On Thursday evening, we kicked off the Convention with the three-hour yacht cruise (not on the USS Minnow, so we didn’t end up shipwrecked) of San Diego harbor.

There are many people to thank for making this event a success, including CCA President Dr. Brian Stenzler and PAC Chair Matt Hubbard (it was their idea).  Drs. Stenzler and Dennis Barker also secured sponsors for the event.  Our Associate Director of Governmental Affairs, Michelle Bancroft, marketed the event creatively and relentlessly.  Logistics were complex, with transportation being provided to the harbor, catering, yacht selection etc.  All went according to plan and a good time was had by all.  Thank you all who contributed to the CCA-PAC (including those who gave money, but boats weren’t your thing)!

This year’s Convention was held at the same property as the last few -  Paradise Point Resort & Spa in beautiful San Diego -  but with a new wrinkle.  Paradise Point built a permanent tent structure the size of a small state on the property and we utilized this space for the first time.  This set up provided the opportunity for all our exhibitors (over 130) to be located in the same Pavilion.  Prior to the Pavilion tent option, exhibitors were spread out over a large geographic area, making it difficult to ensure access by doctors.  I can happily report our exhibitors were very pleased with the new arrangement.

You may be wondering what any of this has to do with GA, but hold on, I’m getting to that.

Our California chiropractic colleges were present as well.  It was great to see so many students attend convention and I enjoyed our many conversations over coffee, meals, and at our beach bonfire (complete with a live band) and pool parties.  The evening events were a great opportunity to meet students, doctors, their families, and sponsors, making new friends and seeing old ones along the way.  I don’t know why most of my conversations seem to turn to politics (it’s not always my fault), but everyone seemed to be having a good time regardless.

The capacity of the Pavilion adjacent to the exhibitor area was about 400, and our speaker line up, CE classes, and presentations by our President Dr. Brian Stenzler and incoming President, Dr. Leslie Hewitt, packed the room repeatedly.

Are You Sure GA Fits Into Convention? You Bet!

Here’s where we connect the dots between Convention activities and your GA team.  Dr. Stenzler’s State-of-the-State of Chiropractic was comprised of a number of elements.  One in particular traced political events of the past year and included honoring two Assembly Members with CCA’s Legislative Leadership award.  These legislators, Rocky Chavez and Brian Jones, came to our Convention on their day off to receive these awards.  Trust me, legislators receive many awards from many organizations.  Most don’t take time out of their day off to be presented in person with one.  Assembly Member Chavez even brought his wife.  Assembly Member Jones would have, but she was recovering from knee surgery and was home alone with five teenagers.

Assembly Member Rocky Chavez and Dr. Brian Stenzler Dr. David Paris, Assembly Member Brian Jones and Dr. Brian Stenzler

In addition, we’d arranged for a surprise visit from Senator Ben Hueso, who presented Dr. Stenzler with a Senate Resolution commending him for his service to CCA as President, to chiropractic in California, and to his community.

Senator Ben Hueso and Dr. Brian Stenzler

All legislators had very kind things to say about chiropractic and CCA in particular.  Each also commented privately on how impressed they were with our Convention.  Seeing so many exhibitors and chiropractors in that setting made a very big impression on them.

In addition, the legislators made a big impression on our Convention attendees.  It was a demonstration of the growing political clout CCA is building through our grassroots programs to build personal relationships with our legislators.

It also demonstrated to attendees and the legislators, that CCA has strong relationships with powerful legislators in both political parties. Chiropractic is not a partisan issue.  It’s no secret to us that these relationships are critical to our success as a profession.  Through our Key Doctor Program, Operation Hand Check, Independent Expenditure Committee, and grassroots operations, we are steadily building the kind of relationships we’ll need to handle the many challenges facing chiropractic now, and in the future.

I’d like to thank our contract lobbyist, Monica Miller, for not only helping to arrange all the GA activity at the Convention and Market Place, but also for her help staffing events, briefing doctors, and taking care of our exhibitors as well.  Thank you Monica!

Long live CCA Convention and Marketplace!  See you in August in Disneyland for our Sports Symposium! Registration will be live soon – so stay tuned!

That’s all the news that’s fit to print, and some that probably isn’t…at least for now.

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