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Posted on 05-20-2016

Trump – Clinton – Obituaries

I’m neither a psychic, soothsayer, nor prognosticator, so I have no foresight as to the demise of our presidential candidates.  However, it is an election year with an awful lot going on.  As we’ve spent a large portion of this week on things campaign related, I was struck by the story of some obituaries creatively referencing the presidential candidates.  This one in particular resonated; “Faced with the prospect of voting for either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, Mary Anne Noland of Richmond chose, instead, to pass into the eternal love of God on Sunday.”

Making Chiropractic Strong In The Political Arena

Too often we feel the political choices we are provided are the lesser of two evils, or worse yet, the evils of two “lessers". For CCA, the choices are clearer because our criteria has been honed to the bone from many years of legislative action for the profession.  For us, it boils down to strong support for chiropractic and strong enough dispositions to stand up and educate political leaders who aren’t pro-chiropractic.  This level of focus is critical to the profession’s future in California.  Finding candidates that meet our criteria is a challenge.  Fortunately, we believe we’ve met the challenge in a couple of key areas.

First, we want more independent pro-chiro legislators in the majority caucuses.  We have legislators with open minds who are supportive of chiropractic, but we also need those who possess the independent gene in their DNA sequence.  As I’ve mentioned before, as politics goes, there have been some backroom deals struck relative to the health care market place that have really hurt chiropractic.  However, with any “backroom deal” there is not a lone gunman on a grassy knoll.  There had to be co-conspirators to pass those deals.  And those co-conspirators are the legislators in the majority caucuses in both houses of the legislature that went along with decisions made in that backroom.

Trust me, when Leadership starts pressuring legislators to support their deals, be they budget, climate change, or health care, the number who have a strong enough spine to stand up and say “no, not on my watch” are few and far between.

That’s what makes this election cycle a golden opportunity for chiropractic in California.  This is the last truly great opportunity to not only impact election outcomes, but get a handful of candidates who meet all of our criterion.  After this election cycle, we’ll be staring at a legislature in which the vast majority will be running as incumbents for the next ten years.  Changing that legislative make up through the election process in the future will be extraordinarily difficult since incumbents lose elections about as often as the Golden State Warriors lost basketball games this year.

I know, I’m supposed to be telling you what your GA team has been doing all week and I’ve been waxing philosophical instead. However, stay with me and read more because this discourse is the deeper background so the rest of this makes some sense.

CCA Jumps In To Run Our Own Aggressive Independent Expenditure Committee (IE)

In response to all the factors I discussed above, CCA is running a very aggressive Independent Expenditure Committee (IE) enterprise.  What is an Independent Expenditure campaign? I’m glad you asked! In California, an independent expenditure (IE) is defined as an expenditure for a communication that expressly advocates the nomination, election or defeat of a clearly identified candidate or ballot measure that is not made to—or at the behest of—an officeholder, candidate, or committee.

In the past, CCA has contributed limited amounts to an existing coalition running an IE. This was acceptable, however, given the stakes of this election cycle, we need to “go bigger.” Therefore, this year we are running our own IE.  That means we have control over everything that goes into the campaign activity and bear sole responsibility for it as well.  Running our own IE program is a big deal for CCA.  Our activities will not go unnoticed by the candidates, nor will they go unnoticed by the political establishment.  We are not only increasing our political clout by being critical to the election success of supremely pro-chiropractic candidates, but we’re also enhancing our political brand equity. You could not ask for a better return on your PAC dollars investment.

The Nuts & Bolts Of The CCA IE – Candidate Ash Kalra For Assembly District 27

To begin our IE, we have identified specific candidates in specific districts to target based solely on our criteria. Our $400,000 budget pales a bit compared to CMA’s nine IEs of which they will drop millions, but by focusing on a handful of opportunities we can make a BIG impact.

Our first IE activity will manifest itself this week in the first of two campaign mailers in support of our local Santa Clara District’s endorsed candidate, Ash Kalra. For more on Mr. Kalra, check out his campaign website.  Contemplating a career as a chiropractor, Mr. Kalra visited all three of California’s Chiropractic colleges before ultimately deciding to pursue law school. Kalra is running for the Assembly in District 27.

The Assembly District 27 race features a crowded field of Democratic candidates in a safe Democratic district.  Our mailers will likely be responsible for ensuring our candidate makes it to the top two runoff for the General election in November.  Once the mailers land in mailboxes, we’ll make them available on the calchirogov.org site for you to peruse and see what your PAC dollars are being spent on.  We will keep you posted on Kalra’s progress!

Know that the more PAC dollars we have, the bigger the impact we get to make. So, please donate and Power the CCA-PAC.  You can also join us to kick off the 2016 CCA Convention & Marketplace in San Diego with our CCA-PAC Yacht Cruise to be held on Thursday, June 2nd from 7pm-10pm. For more information on the Yacht Cruise and to register, click here!

I said we spent a large portion of the week on campaign activities, but that still left time to work on other issues we also care about deeply.  I don’t want to make this blog so long it becomes unreadable (too late?), so check the 30 second videos below if you want a quick update on the rest of the week.


That’s all the news that’s fit to print, and some that probably isn’t…for now.

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