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Posted on 04-21-2016

Big News For CCA

Let' Give A Warm CCA Welcome To KFB Public Affairs!

We have exciting news to announce this week! To build upon the changes we’re implementing here at CCA, such as transitioning to a smaller board of directors and launching Empowering Chiropractic, we’ve leveraged helped from KFB Public Affairs, a public relations team located in Roseville, CA.

KFB Public Affairs will provide CCA with expertise to further our marketing and branding efforts, all geared to optimize and grow membership. As a member, this will add value to your investment by bringing a clearer focus on our mission, how we communicate with our stakeholders and provide essential services to chiropractic.

While CCA has traditionally had a director of marketing and membership services position, we’ve realized we require the kind of strategic support KFB Public Affairs offers. By engaging in this new partnership, it’ll allow us to recruit for the membership position to ensure the day-to-day needs of this vital department are met.

It was an exhaustive and competitive process and we’re confident they will bring the perspective and guidance we need to help us reach our lofty goals for the immediate and long-term future of chiropractic in California! 

Meet The KFB Public Affairs Team!

Krista Bernasconi - Owner

Allyson Wyles

Karen Ruggiero 

Foundation For Chiropractic Progress (F4CP)

In keeping with our efforts to exponentially boost our presence in California, we will also soon enter into a Group Membership with the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress (F4CP).  CCA has always financially supported the efforts of F4CP, but as a group member we will be bringing many new services to our members to aid in the success of your practices.  CCA already provides an astonishing number of services to CCA members, and we are always looking for new and innovative ways to ensure and enhance the success of its members.  Look for more on how F4CP can increase the success of your practice soon.

In addition, through F4CP CCA will have access to chiropractic specific content to use in our public affairs campaigns as well as access to media contacts throughout the state.  This will aid our new Marketing and Membership services team by allowing more time to focus on fine tuning and placing content, as opposed to creating new content from scratch. CCA is always looking to maximize our resources. For those unfamiliar with F4CP, check them out!

Last, But NEVER Least... CCA Sponsored Bills AB 1992 and AB 2407

I know what you’re thinking, “Don’t we have two bills about to be heard in committee?  What’s the GA team have to do with adding a marketing and membership team to CCA?”  Good questions, and I’m glad you asked.

First, Monica Miller and I have been lobbying our butts off every day at the Capitol.  No big, that’s what we do. The Assembly Business and Professions Committee, which will hear AB 1992 next Tuesday, has 16 members.  That’s a lot of people to lobby and the past two weeks have been crazy because all bills that are keyed to have a fiscal impact on the state (95% of all bills introduced) had to be heard by today.  That just means while we’re pounding on doors people are crazy stressed and short on time.  Again, no big.  Just another typical day/week/month under the dome in April. 

Of course we lost one day this week to the poor soul who tried to drive his sedan up to the doors of the Capitol (security measures built since 9-11 prevented this) and ended up closing down businesses and offices due to concerns of a bomb in the car (there was a thick wire running from the gas tank to the trunk).  He eventually surrendered peacefully and no bomb was found.

The next day everything was back to normal (by which I mean crazy) and we continued pounding on doors.  AB 2407 will be heard in the Assembly Insurance Committee May 4 and that committee only has 13 members. Yes, I’m being sarcastic.  Why the Assembly committees have so many members is a bit off topic.  Suffice it to say with 80 members in the House there are a lot of mouths for the Speaker to feed and large committees is one way to do so.

The short answer to how the lobbying is going on our bills thus far is, well.  There is a but in here though.  At this stage we’ve been hitting the staff hard, running our advocacy ads, sending letters from our DCs, lining up our witnesses and laying the foundation for our case.

The next steps involve our authors doing their retail lobbying of committee members, working with the consultants (both Democrat and Republican) writing the analysis for the committee, and dealing with opposition as it rears its ugly head.  News Flash, not really, the California Medical Association (CMA) is opposing our bills on the grounds they don’t want us to have any success regardless of the policy. 

As I’ve mentioned in innumerable Corners, CMA is very powerful with nearly unlimited resources.  But this doesn’t always translate into success for them.  They have NO solid policy arguments to oppose our bills this year.  In fact, they’ve privately stipulated to this fact.  They are entirely relying on their power as a political force to kill our bills.  It will be interesting and illuminating to see which and how many legislators vote against us. Their motives for going against us will be crystal clear and a litmus test is always useful in politics.

Want to help Monica and me? Then, be sure to TAKE ACTION on AB 1992 and AB 2407. Click here to TAKE ACTION!

And that’s all the news that’s fit to print, and some that probably isn’t…for now.

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