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Posted on 04-13-2016

Going Big - Not Going Home!

I don’t want to bury the lead so I’m jumping right to the big news.  Our advocacy ads are now live!  Another first for CCA, we’ve launched an advocacy ad campaign for our sponsored bills - AB 1992 (Jones) and AB 2407 (Chavez). 

Check out the AB 1992 Ad!

Check out the AB 2407 Ad!

We’re running them in political blogs/newsletters that legislators and staff read daily.  I know I started everyday reading them over my career under the dome.  This effort has three specific elements:

  • Influence legislators and staff through educating them on chiropractic.  Every bill we get introduced provides us the opportunity to educate.  More on this later.
  • Demonstrate to legislators, staff and adversaries that CCA is a sophisticated political advocacy organization.  Earning this kind of respect will aid in acceptance of our arguments/education efforts.
  • Demonstrate to chiropractors in California, members and non-members alike that CCA is a sophisticated political advocacy organization that deserves their support.

We will be privy to the analytics of these ads so we can ascertain how many viewed them and how often.  The ads will run in three of the most highly read political blogs/newsletters for a month at half the cost of running a newspaper ad in a single paper for a single day.  We are exploring other technology media opportunities as well.  It is amazing and a bit scary what can be done in terms of marketing to people through modern technologies.  More on that another time.

Gettin' Our Lobby On For AB 1992 and AB 2407

I’ve been downtown a lot the past couple of weeks doing the retail lobby thing with our contract lobbyist, Monica Miller working our bills.  I’ve been having fun seeing the expressions on the faces of staff when share data such as 71% of injured workers who receive back surgery NEVER return to work and 95% who receive more than one surgery never return to work.

We have the data on our side.  Our opponents don’t.  Our concerted effort to get the data into the minds of legislators and staff is beginning to have the impact we desire.  Our opponents are now telling staff “it’s not about the data.”  Oh really?  Sweet that’s what they’ve been reduced to arguing.  To counter the idiocy of that argument even further, we’ve complied 507 pages of evidence based, peer reviewed studies making our case into one document. Check it out! It will be professionally printed in full color and bound.  Our plan is to have our authors hand the two pound tome out to the respective committee members as they make their opening statements.  I look forward to hearing our authors say something to the effect “opposition to the bill will tell you it’s not about the data, that’s because we have all the data on our side.”

More Good News - The Beauty of Non-Fiscal Bills and What That Means

Both AB 1992 and AB 2407 are keyed non-fiscal.  This is great for us for a couple of reasons.  First, we shouldn’t have to go to Appropriations committee.  Appropriations kills more bills for non-fiscal reasons so illogically it would kill Spock on the spot.  Now, simply because we aren’t keyed fiscal doesn’t mean we won’t end up in Appropriations.  I’ve seen them “ask” for bills that weren’t’ keyed fiscal.  Don’t ask me why.  At least not for a reasonable explanation why.  So many actions are purely political in the legislature and the rules are simply cover ups.  I’ve been a party to some of that and a victim of it as well.  Needless to say, we’ll be keeping very close watch on this as we get our bills out of policy committee.  No guarantees we’ll get them out of policy committee of course, but today I’m feeling good about our chances.

The second good part of being keyed non-fiscal is that our bills have more time for us work on getting our votes because they can be heard after the deadline for fiscal bills.  This means our bills will be heard the first week of May.  This means our advocacy ads will be running seven days a week for a month!  It means our grassroots advocacy efforts have extra time to do its fabulous work. 

Our Lobbyist Extraordinaire Monica Miller 

One more note on our advocacy efforts and we’ll close up shop for this week.  Our contract lobbyist the past 17 years, Monica Miller, has left the firm of Governmental Advocates and opened her own advocacy firm, Sacramento Advisors LLC. Congratulations Monica!

CCA has ended our relationship with Governmental Advocates and has contracted with Ms. Miller to continue her work on our behalf.  Naturally, many elements were taken into consideration before coming to this decision. Suffice to say that over the past 17 years, it was Ms. Miller, and Ms. Miller only who represented our needs and now instead of providing that service for nine of Governmental Advocate’s clients, she is using her skills and relationships for us and one other client that are 100% hers.  That’s a dynamic I think we can all appreciate.

I know I always share that we’re working on a multitude of issues on a multitude of levels but I don’t BS in this blog.  April and May are critical months for our legislative agenda and that agenda overlays with all of our goals and we’re not going to be doing much else until our policy committee hearings are behind us.  Feel free to keep us on our toes by letting us know your thoughts.  We’re here to serve you effectively and efficiently.  We can’t do that without your involvement and assistance.  Rock on everyone!

That’s all the news that’s fit to print, and some that probably isn’t…for now.

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Casey Tucker, DC said:

Love the ads and the 507 pages of Chiropractic Studies!

2016-12-28 14:46:14

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