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Posted on 03-30-2016

Never Interrupt Your Enemy When He Is Making A Mistake 

AB 2407 and AB 1992 Status Update

I’m sure you’ve noticed from the past two Corners that your GA team has been focusing a lot on our sponsored legislation, AB 1992 and AB 2407.  While we have other matters on our radar it is natural to marshal resources to these two issues.  The opioid epidemic, highlighted by President Obama this week, is providing us a seminal opportunity to make the case for chiropractic.

AB 2407 is the platform for our endeavor.  Requiring conservative care in the work comp system prior to surgery is the crux of the bill.  However, we are connecting the opioid epidemic to overuse of back surgeries.  Both speak to a mindset that ignores safe, cost effective, and efficacious alternatives.  And both have a long record of not only dismal results for injured workers health, but in the case of opioids, they are actually killing them.

CCA surfed the waves of President Obama’s comments by sending out a press release focusing on chiropractic as a solution to the opioid epidemic and how it aligns with the President’s comments on the need to change our health system from one of reacting to disease, to prevention and healthful living.  

Read President Obama's comments.

Read the CCA press release.

Opponents to AB 2407 are coalescing and proffering specious arguments against the premise of the bill.  Thus far they are arguing that our bill both circumvents the Medical Treatment and Utilization Schedule (MTUS) and is unnecessary because back surgeries have declined in the work comp system the past few years.  This speaks to the Napoleon Bonaparte quote in the subject heading.  Our opponents are making a mistake by ignoring what is becoming increasingly obvious, pills and scalpels can no longer be seen as the first and most abundant care prescribed.

We have the facts to rebut their arguments, but in the world of public/political opinion elected representatives are going to be hard pressed to support the status quo.  Our challenge will be ensuring that opioids and back surgeries are linked in their minds.

To this end, your GA team will be embarking on an aggressive media campaign aimed specifically at the legislative community.  There are a number of “inside-the-beltway” newsletters/blogs that are read every morning by the capitol cognoscente.  CCA will be purchasing advocacy advertising space in these publications.  We’re working with MagmaCreative Inc to produce professional, impactful advertisements.  They’ll run every day leading up to the bill being heard in Assembly Insurance committee April 20.

We’ll also be running ads advocating for AB 1992 in the same publications.  There a number of achievements we hope to produce using this advocacy tool.  First, educate and influence the legislative community to support our bills.  Second, to educate this community on the efficacy of chiropractic.  Third, to demonstrate CCA is a sophisticated advocacy operation.  Last, to demonstrate to the community that if they author a bill for CCA, CCA pulls out all the stops to help them get their bill passed.  This should make the challenging job of securing authors for bills in the future less challenging. 

In addition, we’ll be providing our members with an easy way to get their network of patients, family, and friends involved by providing a simple link to our GA website where their network can easily send in letters of support to their legislators.

We’ve already launched our letter writing campaign for our members.  The immediate results have been fantastic! Literally, within moments of the launch doctors were sending in letters to their legislators.

Take action and read more about AB 1992 and AB 2407.

We have a lot to do in a short period of time, but clearly everyone on your GA team and every CCA member is up to the task.

As always, we’re working on campaign, PAC, regulatory, insurance and other matters vital to chiropractic.  By the same token we are always cognizant of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s cautionary counsel, "Concentration is the secret of strengths in politics, in war, in trade, in short in all management of human affairs."    Everything we do in GA is concentrated on one simple principle, protect and enhance chiropractic in California.  We may be waging a war on many, many fronts, but we are always focused on our goal to achieve these two principles.

That’s all the news that’s fit to print and some that probably isn’t…for now.

©2016 California Chiropractic Association. All rights reserved. Please do not disseminate in part or whole without prior permission. Questions or permission to disseminate? Contact Cris Forsyth at cforsyth@calchiro.org.

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