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And Now A Chance To Breathe…Well, Not Really Sept 26 - 30

Posted on 09-29-2016

And Now A Chance To Breathe…Well, Not Really Hello my faithful Corner readers! I have not been gracing the halls of the CCA central office this week. Why, you ask? I am out campaigning ...


Mr. Smith Goes To College - Sept 16 - 23

Posted on 09-21-2016

Mr. Smith Goes To College Advocacy is a multi-layered affair not unlike the proverbial onion.  Each layer you peel back reveals yet another layer.  And each layer has the capacity to brin...


We Must Always Take Sides - Sept 9-15

Posted on 09-15-2016

We Must Always Take Sides... In politics, as in life in general, much of our experience falls in what I like to call the “world of grey”. In other words, few matters are ever truly...


You Shall Not Steal... September 2 - 8

Posted on 09-08-2016

You Shall Not Steal... Worker’s Compensation - Meeting With Director Christine Baker Moses said you shall not steal, nor deal falsely, nor lie to one another. This seemed particularly...


Change Public Opinion…Change Government - Aug 26 - Sept 1

Posted on 09-01-2016

Change Public Opinion…Change Government For those of you who have been diehard readers of the last 75 editions of the Corner, you’ve probably noticed a common denominator peppered thro...